Explosion on a campus in Villeurbanne: The damage remains limited

Following a violent explosion, 800 people were evacuated from the Doua campus in Villeurbanne. – J. Pachoud / AFP

More fear than harm. In the aftermath of the spectacular explosion, which occurred Thursday morning on the campus of the Doua to
Villeurbanne, University Lyon 1 said that the damage is limited, drawing up a provisional assessment.

"Expertise is in progress," she says. The library, located in front of the burned building, was not affected by the flames. No work has been destroyed. In addition, the fire spread only on the roof of the Mendel building, housing research laboratories.

"The fire, quickly controlled, remained very localized. The interior of the building was not burned, "says Lyon-I. The greatest damage may ultimately be due to water from fire hoses used by firefighters.

Only the Mendel building will remain closed to students. The others, who were evacuated on Thursday, were reinstated during the day. The university's room management department is working to relocate all planned courses near the disaster areas