Facebook alternatives: Here is where you can go after the purification

Facebook alternatives: Here is where you can go after the purification


More and more people want to leave Facebook, especially after Facebook has recently removed more than 800 pages (or "not published"). On Thursday, Facebook acknowledged that it has cleared more than 800 Facebook accounts. They said the pages were focused on politically-oriented content that violated Facebook's spam policy. Facebook said in a blog post that it deleted 559 pages and 251 accounts that consistently violated our rules against spam and coordinated non-authentic behavior. But the problem is that many owners of that page & # 39; s do not understand why they have been removed. Some pages focused on police brutality were removed. Other deleted pages, such as Anti-Media, were alternative or independent news sources. And some were pages from individuals who reported on the news, such as Press for Truth. It is unclear whether one of these pages is able to recover their accounts, but many account owners have said publicly that they are not sure why they were removed. Some lost their Twitter accounts almost simultaneously.

Facebook noted on its blog post about purification: "These networks are increasingly using sensational political content – whatever their political nature – to build an audience and drive traffic to their websites, making them earn money for every visitor The site And just like the politically motivated activity we've seen, the news & # 39; stories or opinions that share these accounts and pages are often indistinguishable from legitimate political debate. it's so important that we look at the behavior of these actors – for example, whether they use fake accounts or repeatedly place spam – rather than their content when deciding which of these accounts, pages, or groups to remove. " Suppose many of the page's used false accounts to make their posts more popular than they were, or actually were advertising farms. But some owners of this page have insisted that they do not fall under the description that Facebook mentioned. Sites with conservative, liberal and libertarian inclinations have been removed.

This sudden purge has led many users to worry that they too can be removed without warning and have prompted companies to push and reconsider their advertising and marketing efforts via Facebook. As a result, a number of people consider alternative Facebook resources. (You see here a list of sites that Facebook has cleared on Heavy's story.)


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