Facebook needs to win our trust | TIME ONLINE

Data misuse, personalized advertising, fake news, posts that stir up hate: Facebook is heavily criticized worldwide. ON TIME ONLINE had become Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
 to the strategy of his company
expressed Federal Minister of Justice Katarina Barley
(SPD) answered him
and called for stronger regulation. For the digital political spokesman of the FDP, Manuel Höferlin, this is not the solution. A guest contribution.

Regardless of whether one is to mark Zuckerberg's 15th birthday Facebook would like to congratulate or not: The
rapid rise from the student start-up at Harvard University towards
Tech giant in Silicon Valley in just 15 years is an extraordinary one
Success story. That Facebook was able to grow so rapidly and now so one
As has been alleged, no other media company has much influence on opinions
previously, is also up to us, the more than two billion users.

After all, it's us who
Generate, consume, comment and share content. That worldwide
many people are active on Facebook, it certainly has something to do with us
the company a supposedly free access to its platform
granted. At least since the scandal around the analysis company Cambridge Analyticathat Facebook data of 87 million
Users had acquired illegally, but should also the
most unskilful users have realized that in truth we have a very high
Pay for the use.

Data is a high price

The price is in the consent in the
complicated and extensive terms of use through which we use Facebook
provide our user and usage data. That is part of
data-driven business model, because Facebook is financed by
Targeted advertising with a long reach and relatively low
Prices. And it takes again for the most targeted advertising possible
as many behavior-relevant user data as possible.

Manuel Höferlin is the digital political spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group.
© Christian Kuhlmann

We are therefore part of the
Product and not the customers of the group. This
Business model is not only practical, but also legal.
The question is whether it is legitimate in its practical application and whether
Responsible persons responsible for handling the relevant data
act. Anyway, I think it's very indecent and disrespectful,
That networks like Facebook are so fond of the free use of their services
speak. By such platitudes they not only offend the intellect of theirs
Users, but also deliberately conceal that data is not
Means of payment are like any other.

Because different than, for example, money
the relevant usage data always firmly connected with the person behind it.
Finally, the value of data results from the information about the
people behind it. That's why the term privacy is actually synonymous
incorrect. It's not about protecting data, it's about protecting that
To protect the rights of people associated with them.

But just for one
Companies like Facebook so important issue, such as data usage transparent
and privacy can be ensured, the Group behaves
including his CEO highly implausible. On the one hand speaks
Zuckerberg in his guest article recently published on ZEIT ONLINE

of it, "that transparency, free decision and control possibilities the
key factors to ensure adequate data use "
and that "regulation that reflects these principles for the entire Internet,
good for everyone ".

On the other hand, however, the company acts
diametrically opposed to these statements. The rules that are Pile of sugar
wishes, there is already, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). you
regulates clearly that companies the data of their users in the net
may only be processed with their consent. Facebook had before the
Introduction 2018 still announcing the
to make new regulations the standard of the company worldwide
But shortly before the DSGVO came into effect, the network relocated the central office
Account management for non-European users from Ireland,
so the norm for the others 1.5
Billions of users
simply does not work.