Fears grow for British yachtsman, 67, who has gone missing on his way home to France

British yachtsman, 67, who went missing on his way from France to Cornwall says he is' safe and well'Robin Davie departed France last Saturday on board his yacht to return to the UKHe was expected to complete his 300- mile journey to Falmouth on WednesdayThe coast guard confirmed Mr. Davie has been in contact and is' safe and well'By

Darren Boyle for MailOnline

11:46 EST, 11 January 2019

20:59 EST, 11 January 2019

Robin Davie, pictured, has been missing since Saturday when he left France on a 300-mile journey to Falmouth, Cornwall on his yacht An experienced sailor who has not been told that the Coastguard is safe and well Rob Davie is expected to arrive back at Falmouth in Cornwall on Saturday afternoon. The 67-year-old was due back at his home port or Falmouth in Cornwall on Tuesday, having set off on a 300-mile journey from Les Sables. 'Olonne in western France last Saturday. He had visited the French port to have his yacht, the Rustler 36 C'est La Vie, refitted with a new mast and rigging.But friends were left' completely flummoxed 'after the yachtsman, who has sailed solo around the world three times, had appeared during his return to sea. The Coastguard said that on Friday that the skipper of the C'est la Vie had just reported that he had heard HM Coastguard and that he is safe and well 25 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly'.Falmouth Coastguard on Wednesday morning after Mr Davie's brother, Rick, reported him as overdue.Due to the weather conditions, Mr. Davie had needed to be further in the west, making the Scillies 'much longer' than anticipated. Out of radio or wireless signal, it was only when he got close enough to land on Friday that he received the Coastguard's broadcast.

The experienced yachtsman, pictured on his boat, had sailed around the world several times

Mr. Davie left France and the coast guard has not received any distress signal before finally hearing from him on Friday

Mr Davie planned to sail suits Brest before heading across the English ChannelCoastguard Controller Dai Jones said: 'We were concerned about the safety and security of the car and we're really pleased that he has a good time.' Being able to find and distribute them, we really helped to locate him. "We had worked out that the sailor could be somewhere around the Isles of Scilly. take. It really was a case of putting ourselves in the skipper's shoes. '

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