February 11, 2019: The SPD and its new welfare state

The SPD finally wants to find out from the permanent crisis. Therefore, the party adopted last week, a 17-page document in which they want to reorganize the welfare state completely: From Hartz IV should be the so-called citizen's money, the minimum wage should be increased to twelve euros, and a basic child protection should come. Are these the right measures to overcome the agenda trauma of Gerhard Schröder? Mounia Meiborg talks about this with Lisa Caspari from the politics department of ZEIT ONLINE.

Money shoots goals – this principle summarizes professional football well together. The turnover of a few football clubs continues to increase, but most other clubs have no chance. At the start of the knockout round of the Champions League Christian Spiller from the sports department of ZEIT ONLINE explains how the mega clubs have become so rich and how to change that.

In addition: The Iranian Revolution is the 40th anniversary.

Collaboration: Alena Chamber

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