Fire at the shipyard of Lürssen apparently under control

Fire at the shipyard of Lürssen apparently under control

/ Lemwerder

After a day and a half fighting against the flames at the yard of a shipyard in Bremen, the big fire was brought under control on Saturday. "According to operational management, a further spread is excluded," said Oliver Grün, spokesperson for the Lürssen shipyard. The fight against isolated fires on the ship is expected to continue until Sunday morning. By the end of Saturday afternoon, 180 Task Force from Bremen and the surrounding provinces were still in action. The number is gradually reduced. "We can not provide information about the cause of the damage or the extent of the damage," Grün said.

The fire broke out around 2 o'clock in the morning of Friday morning in a floating dock and a yacht in it. According to information from the "Weser-Kurier", the new building was a 146-meter-long million yacht named "Sassi", which would be ready by 2020. The yard did not provide any information.

On Saturday about 750 task forces from different cities and districts in different teams had tried to get the fire under control, as firefighter Andreas Desczka reported. Four people were easily injured during the operation. Three of them were transported to hospitals for treatment, according to the spokesman.


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