FIU called the region with the highest pensions - TASS

MOSCOW, December 10. / TASS /. The highest pension in Russia is paid in Chukotka, where the average size on 1 July was 25 thousand 173 rubles. This was reported on Monday by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, citing data from the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

As the newspaper writes, the other regions with a high pension were the autonomous district of Nenets (22 50 thousand rubles), the Magadan area (21 508 rubles), the Kamchatka area (21 thousand 342 rubles), the autonomous Yamalo-Nenets district (21 thousand 8 rubles).

FIU noted that the average pension in Russia on 1 July was 14 thousand 144 rubles. The publication notes that the indicators do not reach the average pension in 46 regions. They were the lowest in Kabardino-Balkaria – an average of 11 thousand 413 rubles, Dagestan – 11 thousand 653 rubles, Kalmukkia – 12 thousand 137 rubles.

As explained to the publication in the FIU, the level of pensions is influenced by many factors, for example work experience, salary size, increasing coefficients working in the northern region, coefficients are determined depending on the age of the pensioner and whether he or she dependent family members has not been able to work. Different combinations of these factors in different proportions and gives the difference in the average size of pensions per region, the newspaper notes.