Flathead vet shares a story about how to revive the frozen cat

KALISPELL – The cat that was saved and revitalized after being packed in snow and ice social media by storm.

MTN News spoke with the vet who saved Fluffy's life. We reported for the first time on Wednesday night that Fluffy found the cat injured and covered with snow.

Bruises on her body, low temperature and weak vital signs, her vet did not have much hope. But with the help of warm towels and hairdryers, Fluffy began to make a miraculous recovery – and within 45 minutes – performed normally.

Fluffy's vet Dr. Jevon Clark tells us that in his 24 years of practice he has never seen such a case.

"I was really surprised, I practiced for a long time and I've seen a lot of supercooled animals, but normally it's like an accidental kind where the kids leave the door open and the cat or dog gets out and nobody knows it for a few hours and they can get a bit cold.As against this, that was quite a different situation with the fact that it was really wrapped around, "said Dr. Clark.

Dr. Jevon tells us that Fluffy is in good health and adds that, in order to prevent this happening to your pets, fresh water and a bed for your pet outdoors in case they get stuck. In this way they are not on the cold hard surface and can stay hydrated.

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