Florence: "This storm is deadly"

Cyclone Florence has reached the coast in the southeastern United States, causing flooding and devastation. Hundreds of thousands are without electricity. The pictures
                September 15, 2018, 12:39 pm

        Workers barricade a theater.
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        A satellite image of Hurricane Florence over the Atlantic
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        Vickie Grate (l) is waiting in an emergency shelter with her son Chris (m) and his girlfriend Sarah for the end of Hurricane Florence, because of which they were evacuated from their homes.
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        Thousands of people had fled the oncoming storm in recent days. In North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia and the capital Washington, the authorities had declared a state of emergency. A total of 1.7 million people were asked to go to safety.
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        Waves break at a pier in Atlantic Beach before Hurricane Florence hit the coast. The storm had reached the US southeast coast on Friday morning with powerful gusts of wind, heavy rains and meter-high floods. During the day, Florence was downgraded to a tropical storm by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).
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        Bodysurfer Andrew Vanotteren throws himself into the waves on the south beach of Tybee Island. The waves were getting higher and better every night, he said, while Tybee Island prepares for Hurricane Florence.
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        Experts warn that it will rain for days – people expect life-threatening storm surges and extreme floods in parts of the states of North and South Carolina. As the storm moved very slowly forward, he could rage long over land.
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        Disaster guards rescued people from flooded homes – here is a picture from James City in Virginia. Around ten million people are affected by the storm, one million should be evacuated.
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        "We know it will continue for days to come," said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. By decree, he ordered that people affected more easily than before to transitional housing. "The fact is, this storm is deadly."
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        Many coastal towns resembled ghost towns on Friday. Windows were boarded up and the streets were deserted. There were curfews in several cities.
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        Michael Nelson has built a makeshift boat from a metal tub and floats. The Neuse river in New Bern, North Carolina overflowed the banks as a result of the hurricane and flooded the city.
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        Volunteers rescue residents from their flooded homes.
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        A national guard rescue team evacuates a family as the flood increases.
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        Eric Edwards Jr. (l) and Elliott Farmer Jr. spend the night in a church that serves as shelters. The authorities had, as a precautionary measure, called on more than a million people along the coast to get away from the hurricane and seek protection inland – from friends, relatives, hotels or shelters. Not all followed the calls. Alone 20,000 found shelter in the 150 shelters North Carolina.

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         The dangerous thing about Florence is not the wind but the rain. Rivers overflowed and reached record water levels. Roads were washed over.
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        Lane Pittman from Jacksonville Florida welcomes Storm Florence on Ocean Boulevard.
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        The cyclone split a tree.
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        A car in the midst of fallen trees and bent branches
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            Hurricane Florence had reached the east coast of the USA. Violent gusts sweep over the country, it rains heavily, roads are flooded. Disaster guards rescued people from flooded houses. More than 700,000 people in North and South Carolina are without electricity. The National Meteorological Service expects that in two or three days as much rain will fall as otherwise in eight months. As a result of hurricane Florence so far at least five people have been killed.