Former presidential adviser files complaint after records case

Alexandre Benalla, September 19, 2018. – Thibault Camus / AP / SIPA

According to JDD information,
Alexandre Benalla allegedly lodged a complaint for "unlawful possession of devices or technical devices capable of allowing interceptions to be made", "infringement of the privacy of private life" and "undermining the representation of the person".

In the line of fire, the clandestine recording of a conversation between Vincent Crase and himself, that
Médiapart had unveiled on its news site, and where the former representative of the Elysée boasted to have the support of
Emmanuel Macron.

Legality or not?

His lawyer, Jacqueline Laffont, underlines the very uncertain nature of the origin of the recordings. It is established that they do not conduct any judicial wiretapping or regularly declared administrative tapping.

For Benalla's defense, the question of the unlawfulness of the recordings is indeed central. If they are not legal, how can they be held against him?