Frauke Petry does not stand for the European elections | TIME ONLINE

to European elections On May 26, 41 parties and other political associations were admitted in Germany. This has been decided by the Federal Election Committee. The blue party of Frauke Petry is not among them. According to the Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel, the former AFD chairperson has withdrawn her nomination. Petry founded the party in 2017, shortly after leaving the AfD. Most recently, she lost a trademark dispute with the AfD.

Nationwide, 39 parties and political associations with lists to the European elections. In addition there are the CSU, which can be elected only in Bavaria, as well as the CDU, which runs in the other 15 federal states. Therefore, the ballot for the European elections in each of the federal states would contain 40 election proposals, said the Federal Returning Officer after the meeting.

All established parties were admitted, as well as smaller groups such as the Trotskyist Socialist Equality Party, the pro-European party Volt Deutschland, the violets "for spiritual politics" and the party founded in the environment of a yoga teacher party Human World. From the right-wing extremist spectrum the party The Third Way is represented besides the NPD.

In addition, there are parties that demand more participation, such as democracy DIRECTLY! and from now on … democracy through referendum. The nominations were not approved by groups such as the Home Defense League, the Garden Party or the Party for Change, Vegetarians and Vegans.


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