Freedom with accusations for one of the detainees for homophobic aggression in the subway

Injury and discrimination. These are the two crimes that will be investigated by the judge who takes the case of the last homophobic attack on the Barcelona metro. On Saturday morning, a young man declared to be the victim of an attack by a group of people between the Arc de Triomf and Urquinaona stations, without any other apparent reason. The Mossos have arrested two people, one of whom has been released with charges, as explained by the Supreme Court of Catalonia. After questioning the detainee, the judge agreed to force him to appear at the court on a regular basis.

The victim explained through social networks that a group of four boys had entered the same car and that they had picked him up. Before this intimidation the victim changed places, but the group followed him and when the boy faced the young men, he would have said: "Why did not you tell me from man to man? Oh, clearly, you're a maricon." The victim asked for help via the intercom of the metro, which responded but could not offer a solution during the flight.

According to the victim's speech, after he had stepped out of the car and just before climbing the stairs, the boys attacked him at the back and struck a few strokes and stabbed upright, until the guards at Urquinaona station stopped the aggression.