Fresno State-Boise State ended on a Broncos 1st down, but it looked like the ball was short - SB Nation

Boise State defeated No. 23 Fresno State 24-17 on Friday Night in Boise on a slightly controversial first down call that ended the game. With less than a minute to go, Boise State let the ball go through a touchdown. To spend as much time as possible, Broncos ran away from Alexander Mattison on 3 and 1.

With just 18 seconds on the clock, the referees came out to measure the spot with the chains. Strangely enough, it seemed like it was at least a half inch short – but the referees still rule it first down.

Here is another look:

It is clear that this seems like it could have taken a closer look than what the referees gave it, or at least could have gained the ole index card check.

"I see the air between that football," says ESPN commentator Kirk Morrison in the broadcast at the end of the game. "For me it seemed that it seemed short, wow. From my eyes above it seemed to be only one link of the chain. & # 39;

For Fresno State this was just the second loss of the season, so you can beat head coach Jeff Tedford maybe not so happy with this call. Especially when Fresno State was looking for a main candidate for a New Year's Six Bowl representing the Mountain West region, December. But to be honest, there were only 18 seconds left on the clock, and it's not to say that Boise would not have just dropped a first time down on the fourth-down attempt.

We will see if we hear anything from the referees or the Mountain West Conference of this first downward ruling.