Funding, staff sought for Hagåtña revitalization Guam News

With $ 5 Million in the Heart of the Island's Capital Village – an endeavor with an estimated price tag of $ 20 million – the new director of the Hagåtña Restoration & Redevelopment Authority is on a mission to find funding.

Lasia Casil, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's appointee as director of HRRA, is targeting federal funds, but could also be a local funding source.

A recently released transition from the Leon Guerrero administration as a recommendation to direct funds from the property of Hagåtña "as mandated by law."

The administration's goal is to build a capitol – a center of government administration – in Hagåtña. It would house 1,500 employees and it could be roughly half the $ 11 million-plus that the government is currently spending on leased space.

The plan includes a palace, or palace, as well as an office for the governor, the Governor Manuel F.L. Guerrero Building and the additional legislative offices. The existing $ 5 million, which comes from the hotel tax bond, would be used for the palacio. The construction of the palacio in four years.

Casil said HRRA will be working closely with the Guam Preservation Trust to recreate the feel of the historic Hagåtña – something the current governor wants to create.

The HRRA board approved the master plan and Legislature. Casil reiterated that the master plan is a guideline for a 20-year development plan. "I'm going to look like I'm done, and I tell them that it can change."

Casil said HRRA will be working on different projects related to the project, including a traffic management plan, historic preservation and flood mitigation.

Joe Quinata, chief executive officer of the GPT, said his mission is to protect and protect the island's historical parallel to HRRA's mission to restore Hagåtña. The GPT has worked on a number of projects within Hagåtña, such as the Hagåtña cathedral, Plaza de España, the Guam Congress Building and the Lujan House, which currently serves as the GPT's main office.

"The Guam Preservation Trust" was created by the HRRA board and included in the master plan, "Quinata said.

Joseph Cameron, former president of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, who managed HRRA under the Calva administration, said flooding was one of the large issues when creating the HRRA master plan.

"We had to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers. That was paramount, "he said, not attractive to potential investors. "That's why I introduced the concept of the riverwalk in Hagåtña – it is a solution to the flooding issue."

Cameron said that he had been working on the legislation of the legislature to be finalized.

Property taxes

That's fine if you're just discussing the concept of HRRA. But Casil is concerned with reality. And funding is a big part of that.

The utilization of real estate taxes is to be applied to the new law.

"That's something our legal office is researching. I think it is just an administrative order that needs to be done … to start collecting the agency for this agency,

Casil said that several years ago, then-Sen. Michael San Nicolas introduced legislation that would be "clarify" that was meant to be directed to HRRA … but that never made it out of committee. We have legal researching this right now before anything official (is determined). "

Public Law 24-110 authorizes HRRA to use the "Municipality of Hagåtña Real Property Taxes" to further its mission, the report states.

GCA, which required the deposit of all property into the Territorial Educational Facilities Fund.

"Although HRRA's position is that The Liheslaturan Guahan Exempted the HRRA through the passage of P.L. 24-110, (the Department of Revenue and Taxation) position is that The Liheslaturan Guahan Has to correct Section 22425, Chapter 22, 5 GCA and Section 79501, Chapter 79, 21 GCA, "the report states.

"HRRA attempted to correct this with the passage of Bill 358-32; however, the bill failed. In addition, due to silo, the HRRA was not provided adequate funding or the opportunity to accomplish its mission. The Department of Chamorro Affairs has been instrumental in providing some administrative and logistical support, "the report states.

More staff needed

2019 budget included the salary and benefits for one employee and rental space.

To write grants.

HRC in order to be HRRA in order, HRM in order, HRM in order. She said HRRA's mission runs parallel to the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio platform to maximize Hagåtña as another economic zone.

According to the report, HRRA has two employees, the first being the board director and the second one is a planner staff member. The Department of Chamorro Affairs has provided administrative and logistical support. In 2011, then-Gov. Eddie Calvo consolidated HRRA into the Department of Chamorro Affairs in Reorganization Advisory No. 6.

On Jan. 16, Leon Guerrero signed Executive Order 2019-02, re-establishing HRRA as a separate agency.

Positions report the newly revived agency requires employees for the following positions:

• Chief planner

• Program coordinator IV

• Engineer

• Administrative officer

• Board secretary

Hagåtña as a tourist attraction, a historical center and engine for economic growth.

Adding to present sites

HRRA already had approved 41 projects for restoration and redevelopment that would restore and redevelop Hagåtña.

The Leon Guerrero administration wants to build on what is already there, including the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam and Chamorro Educational Faculty.

"The report states" We will expand upon this progress through additional historic preservation efforts, including enhancement of the Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail.

A pedestrian mall for stores and other tourist attractions.

To accomplish this, HRRA will seek a legislative amendment to P.L. 24-110 to put the Plaza de España under the jurisdiction of HRRA. The property is currently under the purview of the Guam Legislature.

The HRRA has been approved by the Board in 2018.

Casil said the governor had some questions and that the information will be provided to her. Once Leon Guerrero approves the plan, it will be submitted to the Legislature for approval.