Georges de la Tour illuminated

The formation of Lorraine Georges de La Tour, born in 1593 and died in 1652, remains a mystery. If he clearly fits into the current caravage, nothing proves that he went to Italy. On the contrary, in his lavishly illustrated monograph, Robert Fohr tries to connect the painter to the mannerism of a Jacques Bellange and Parisian artistic centers that La Tour visited in 1616, before he became the "king" in 1616 in the Louvre. while Lorraine arose in the Thirty Years War. In a beautiful and highly inspired text, Barbara Lecompte explores the figure of Madeleine, so dear to La Tour, and provides a key to this expansion. Mary Magdalene was nicknamed "The Tower of the Church" because of the meaning of Migdal referring to this type of construction in Hebrew.

Georges de La Tour, the master of the nights, by Robert Fohr, Cohen & Cohen, 310 p., 95 €.

Madeleine or incandescence, by Barbara Lecompte, Arléa, 80 p., 16 €.

Sabine Gignoux