Georgia school brings back paddling to punish students – when parents give permission – Fox News

Georgia school brings back paddling to punish students – when parents give permission – Fox News

A school in Georgia that has to discipline their students "very seriously" has reportedly introduced a corporal punishment policy in which parents can agree to have their child hit with a paddle.

The Georgia School for Innovation and the classics in Hephzibah sent permission forms to the homes of students who recently required parents to opt to use the & # 39; tool & # 39; in the & # 39; disciplinary toolbox & # 39; from the school, reported WDRW-TV.

Chief Inspector Jody Boulineau told the news station that the school & # 39; discipline takes very seriously & # 39; and that there was once a period in history & # 39; where corporal punishment at school was the norm and you had the problems you had. & # 39;

Parents of students in kindergarten up to the 9th class charter school were given a "permission to paddle form", which describes the corporal punishment that would occur in the third violation of the student.

"A student is taken to an office behind closed doors, the student puts his hands on the knees or the piece of furniture and is hit with a paddle on the buttocks", the forms reportedly wrote.

"There is no obligation, it is not mandatory," said Boulineau. "A parent can give us permission to use that as a disciplinary measure or they can refuse permission."

The inspector said that the school had recovered more than 100 consent forms and that about a third of them had parents' permission to paddle their child as a form of discipline.

She said she has heard a whole series of answers, from: "I've heard," Great, it's time, "& # 39; & # 39; Oh my god, I can not believe that you do that. & # 39; "

If parents do not allow their child to be tagged, according to the report they are suspended for up to five days from school.

Corporal punishment in schools is legal in Georgia and at public and private schools in 19 states in the United States, according to the worldwide initiative to end all body punishments for children.

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