Government employee is said to have manipulated data - Panorama

  • At a campsite in Lügde, at least 31 children were allegedly sexually abused for years.
  • An official of the competent youth welfare office Hameln-Pyrmont has admitted to having subsequently changed files on the case.
  • What these changes were about is still unclear; Also, whether it is a targeted offense or not.

In the case of multiple child abuse at a campsite in Lügde, the district of Hameln-Pyrmont (Lower Saxony) announced on Friday, "that an employee admitted today that he had sorted a note into files of the youth welfare office To complete the missing note and thus complete the file ", there is quoted the district administrator Tjark Bartels (SPD).

What this information is about, whether it was wrong or correct, is not mentioned there. Also, whether it is a mistake or a deliberate act, is therefore still unclear. The case is currently being examined. The employee in question is now released as a precautionary service until the allegations are clarified. The prosecutor had been informed by the district administrator, and the employee had reported there, they say. The youth welfare office Hameln-Pyrmont was responsible for the today eight-year-old foster daughter of the main suspect in Lügder abuse case, a permanent camper. Youth office employees had officially entrusted the girl after seven months of testing from 2017, the main suspect.

On Thursday it was also known that there are three other suspects in Lügde, including a person against suspected of data deletion is determined. Against this suspect one leads a preliminary investigation for penalty foiling, said high public prosecutor Ralf cousin. It is checked whether the person has deleted data for one of the three main suspects and whether punishment should be prevented.

In addition to the 56-year-old permanent campers, the main suspects are two men aged 33 and 48, who are already in custody. "An urgent suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children or the participation in it exists only against those in custody," said Vetter.

The two other suspects would have "indications of possible benefits," said Vetter. In these two cases "there is at most a small suspicion of aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of children." This situation will also be "brightened up and determined". To the circle of these three persons made cousin for "determination-tactical, but also for personality protection reasons" no more exact data. They are at large.

Crime Majas foster father

Majas foster father

Andreas V. allegedly abused and filmed dozens of children in his caravan for years. Even the eight-year-old Maja, who was entrusted to him as a baby. How could it possibly come this far?By Jana Stegemann and Britta von der Heide, Lügde