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Numerous supporters of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó have in Caracas protested for access to international aid. On the occasion of the Youth Day, they called on the armed forces to allow medicines, toiletries and food for the needy. Since the end of January, Guaidó and President Nicolás Maduro have mobilized tens of thousands in protest for power in protest marches and rallies.

the power of youth we demand that humanitarian aid
is allowed in, and commemorate all the young people involved in the fight
for freedom in Venezuela, "wrote Guaidó on Twitter, Venezuela is suffering from a serious supply crisis. Many people
hungry, hospitals are lacking in medication.

Maduro rejects the humanitarian aid. He fears that the
 Deliveries merely an excuse for military intervention in
Venezuela could be.

Since last week wait in the Colombian border town Cucuta
ten trucks carrying about 100 tons of relief goods were allowed to continue their journey. This week is also a collection point for
Food, medicines and toiletries in the Brazilian
State of Roraima be established. Germany has provided five million euros for the population.

First relief shipments arrived in the country

Despite the blocked borders
Venezuela's opposition has reportedly received first aid deliveries on Monday. Guaidó stopped Video on Twitterput him between cardboard boxes
and stacking white cans shows. He also held packets with the
Inscription "micronutrients in powder form" in the camera. The first 1.7
 Millions of servings are for pregnant women and malnourished
Children certainly, wrote Guaidó. How he got to the deliveries, he said

In Venezuela there has been a power struggle for weeks between the current
Heads of State Maduro and Guaidó, who joined in January
Interim president explained. Meanwhile, about 40 have
Countries behind Guaidó, among them the USA,
 Germany and other EU countries as well as several South American countries. Maduro has been able to rely on the support of
Venezuelan military leave.

Guaidó therefore tries to persuade the military to change sides. Amongst other things
He offered an amnesty to all officers who stood behind him.


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