Grammer: ranking predictions for the preseason of a year ago - Albuquerque Journal

Pre-season polls and predictions are meaningless. We understand it.

But the same fans and coaches who tell you quickly that they are the same who eat every piece of information that they can get this time of the year because it generates discussion, which is always good for the sport of college basketball in the middle of football season.

And this year there are already enough preseason magazines on news fronts, blog posts online and on Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nev., During the media conference in the preseason the official preseason media poll of this season will be released. My pre-season vote will publish in Sunday & # 39; s Journal and post online at weekends.

In addition to being an easy target for criticism and useful sources of motivation, accuracy and responsibility are lacking in most of the preseason surveys.

So last year I saved some of the Mountain West preseason rankings I saw, read or heard prior to the 2017-18 season, so that I could watch them again this preseason. Some came from articles, magazines or podcasters and even ranked one to eleven of their choice. Others were computer systems that predicted the order of finish based on different data.

Anyway, here are the results of 14 basketball rankings of the season of the season that I collected last year and how they were compared to the actual order of finishes last March.

I am proud to say that I took the first place in this test, which I know is not compatible with the fact that we all have the fact that my daughter defeated me last season in collecting games, like I did. wrote in March last year in this column.

Since no ties are allowed in preseason rankings or ballots, they are not allowed here either. I used the seeding of the competition tournaments to determine actual places for this analysis.

I have not gone mad to try to quantify how accurate the polls were. I used a very simple formula, a point count for each place in the final classification was a team away from the preseason prediction. If a team was chosen as ninth, but the third ended, it counted as six points, with the lowest total being the best.

As a refresher course here is the order of the finish for the MWC basketball season 2017-18, based on tournament seeding:

1. Nevada
2. Boise State
3. New Mexico
4. State Fresno
5. State San Diego
6. Wyoming
7. State of Utah
9. Air Force
10. State of Colorado
11. State of San Jose

Sorting of the pre-season spectra of last year

Based on basketball picks of the 2017-18 season for the season with 1 point added for each spot removed from an exact selection of the final classification.