Great debate. In the absence of yellow jackets, Macron tackles the young jackets

"Youth loves this young president", the Education Minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confused yesterday. It was necessary to dare, so much so that from the beginning of his term, Emmanuel Macron neglected youth. His electorate was also far from the youngest in the presidential elections (18% between 18-24 years, against 30% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon and 21% for Marine Le Pen). The sixth stage of the great national debate in Étang-sur-Arroux (Saône-et-Loire), in which the President of the Republic had to address a thousand young people between 15 and 25 years (high school students, students, apprentices and civil service volunteers), would have to fill the lack of interest in this "electoral market share".

In the beginning, Emmanuel Macron gave the young players a surprising rule: "If you have a question – including not working with teachers or coaching, it seems to imply – ask. (…) Whenever we told you" do not it is in the game ", it is because we did not have the answer, or it was ugly, surprising, for a power that, when it gives the floor to the elect, or when it organizes it on the platform, excludes from the field of reflection a certain number of questions (restoration of ISF, evaluation of Cice, referendum on citizens' initiative …).

Some strong words disturb the wise interventions

Many interventions have been written a lot, even by telephone, which has allowed the president to sell his policy once again without being too destabilized. But it was probably less due to the intimidation than to the constraints: few students were allowed to speak, it is difficult to imagine that the management left them completely alone in front of their copy. Still, there were some surprises, especially this young girl, Estelle, who, addressing her "human brothers", launched a moving sudden defense for a better integration of the disabled, particularly autistic, into the educational system. A long speech applauded.

The President of the Republic was a little more pushed later. Alexandre, in the agrarian high school, indicated "the peasants' anguish", the suicides, the "campaigns with the abandonment" (to read on page 4) … "Do not be afraid", replied Emmanuel Macron, renewed by the years with Jacques Chirac who was said to be disconnected from the youth during the April 2005 televised debate on the European Constitutional Treaty. Of course, "many farmers no longer live on the price paid", replied the head of state. But the "reform" under way "protects (and) accompanies" the sector towards "different models": intensive agriculture for export (the industrialization of agricultural production "must go", he says) , a model "more specialized on quality", AOC, AOP ("the brand" whose peasants "will always live better"), bio … There, the head of the state is cut to his tracks: "We have problems with the bio -aiutes, "said another student at the agricultural college. "They arrive in time, now", the president replies. "But yesterday, we received a letter": the help will still be "staggered". "For what year?" "2017, 2016 …" "Yes, but 2015 has been paid", Emmanuel Macron osa, before understanding that it will be necessary to "get off" …

The speech – a little – released, others rushed into the breach. Coraline, 27, who receives € 400 in insertion, talks about her homes and gas bills. Baptiste, a student at Staps, who is preparing the competition for teachers, is worried about "job cuts" in the sports sector. Estelle, a foreign student whose residence permit will be "no longer valid after her studies", unless she finds a job at "2.281 euros per month", which is "impossible in Le Creusot". Thomas, who finds "the criteria too selective in medicine" when we miss doctors in France …

This meeting has attracted "France for ten years now, in twenty years, (which is) yours much more than mine", as launched by the head of state for young people? They have swept away questions from individualism in which we like to reject them. By the time these lines were written, the president had been listening to them for three hours. But even with a few more hours, will he have heard everything they have to say?

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