Hambacher Forst: Several arrests and injured in protests

North Rhine-Westphalia police has arrested 30 brown coal mine opponents in the Hambach Forest. Seven people were injured. Two activists are entrenched in a tunnel.
                September 16, 2018, 2:09 AM Source: ZEIT ONLINE, dpa, mp
        An activist who was in a tree house in the Hambach Forest is taken into custody by the police.
                        © Christophe Gateau / dpa

                The police arrested several activists during the protests in the Hambach Forest. There have been 30 arrests, in which seven people were easily injured, also had been 52 court referrals, said a Aachen police spokeswoman. Shortly after midnight, the Kerpen fire brigade continued to rescue two activists entrenched in a tunnel.
            Around 30 brown coal miners kept a vigil overnight at an access road to the occupied area. During the night, the police are present with few officials. On Sunday morning it will continue with the eviction.

    Hambacher Forst – blockade in the NRW state representation
        In Berlin, environmentalists have temporarily blocked the NRW state representation. They solidarize with the occupation in the Hambacher forest and demand a brown coal exit.
                © Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa
            The energy company RWE wants to cut down large parts of the forest in the autumn in order to be able to dredge further brown coal. The Hambach Forest is considered a symbol of resistance to coal and the associated climate impact. Activists had been occupying the forest for several years and had set up treehouse villages there. Since the beginning of Thursday's evacuation, 13 out of about 50 tree houses have been cleared and cleared by Saturday afternoon, according to police reports, in which the activists are entrenched.
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