Handball World Cup: With a big clamor in the semifinals

  • Germany's handball players reach the World Cup semi-final in a real thriller against Croatia.
  • Even the serious injury of playmaker Strobel brings the team not from the concept.

From Carsten Scheele, Cologne

Again this roar, again this roar. As if every single one of the spectators in the Cologne Handball Arena had decided to roar one or two decibels louder than at the first main round game, a roaring noise fell on the German national team when they entered the hall on Monday evening.

Handball World Cup Germany reached the semi-finals

Germany reaches the semi-final

What a drama, what a fight: The German handball players win an incredibly intense game against Croatia and play for a medal.

It glittered again suspiciously in the eyes of Silvio Heinevetter, the substitute goalkeeper, who is particularly receptive to the emotions of the ranks. Emotional and hot-tempered the match remained until the final whistle, in the end stood in front of 19250 spectators a hard-fought 22:21 (11:11), with which the Germans are prematurely determined at this World Cup semi-finalist.

The first big goal of the home World Cup is thus achieved: The team of coach Christian Prokop will leave Cologne on Thursday and travel to Hamburg, where she plays on Friday for the final to the finals. Previously, in the final main round match against Spain on Wednesday, some forces can be spared. Incidentally, Germany is already qualified for one of the qualification tournaments for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

"That was a tough test today," said Prokop. "I'm so proud of such a pressure situation." Goalkeeper Wolff turned out the Berlin back space player Wiede: "Fabi has made an incredible game, he has played madly." The praised one stated: "If you are in the semi-finals, you want to reach the final and then lift the trophy."

The Croats had only one night and a half of a day to get their heads down on the baffling 26-29 loss to Brazil. The coach Lino Cervar's team had lost the good starting position for the semi-finals at one stroke, and then the medical team had to announce on Monday also the World Cup outing for middle man Luka Cindric from KS Kielce. A leg injury, for him, Kristian Beciri was nachnominiert.

Handball World Cup The German handball players have caught their wave

The German handball players have caught their wave

The World Cup is better for the DHB team than expected – but before the game against Croatia is also clear: tactics can not afford the team.Comment by Carsten Scheele

Even without their bosses the Croatians found better in the game, led quickly 3: 1; When the Germans began to fight their way into the game and goalkeeper Andreas Wolff parried the first Croatian seven-meter, the first personal low hit the home World Cup: midfielder Martin Strobel twisted his knee without direct enemy action (9), had by paramedics a stretcher from the hall and be transported to the hospital, for him, the World Cup is over. The hall was even more vehemently behind the German team, which was also because of the fact that Croatia's Zlatko Musa complained during the injury break and the followers to singing animated, while Strobel was on the ground.

There was now hectic in the game, which also contributed to the Danish referees, who initially distributed the two-minute penalties as Kamelle. By the twelfth minute, three Germans had to leave, first Patrick Wiencek, then Patrick Groetzki and Hendrik Pekeler. Again Prokop's team did very hard in the attack, as in the whole tournament.