Head to the Italian city of Naples for delicious pizza's, candlelit trips and trips to Mount Vesuvius

NAPLES is the cradle of pizza – and there are tasty flights there this fall from just £ 27.30.
There are also fantastic city views to enjoy, as well as the warm southern Italian climate. And you are within 50 minutes by ferry from the playground of billionaires, the island of Capri. Great for a day out.
Getty – Contributor There is so much to see and do in this great Italian city. Alexandles gives you a real taste of Italy. Here is our guide to get a part of the action. . . Eat the world's best pizza
The city does not keep its world-famous title light. The pizzerias are in the hot competition to be known as the best and they do not mess about.
Corbis Experience the best pizza in the world with simple and fresh ingredients A Neapolitan cook came up with the simple Margherita and the traditional recipe centuries ago. Pizza ingredients – flour, tomatoes, basil – must originate from the Naples area, where the lands have benefited from layers of the nutrient-rich volcano from Vesuvius lava.
Ballsy Neapolitan peasants live at the foot of this active volcano, which is probably an eruption every day. These hard-fought ingredients give the Neapolitan pizza its unrivaled taste.
The city's more famous pizzerias have a constant crowd of hungry customers waiting in line to cram up. Despite the simple dining experience, it is worth the wait once you have tasted a caring Margherita, which usually costs £ 4 (€ 4.50) for the whole pizza.
If the only reason you choose to go to Naples is to taste the real, then you are in for a treat.
How Neapolitans brought authentic taste to the UK
ITALIAN chefs brought the authentic taste of Italian pizza to British restaurants by importing the volcanically enriched Neapolitan ingredients to Britain.
Franco Manca, opened ten years ago in Brixton, was one of the first to do this. The ingredients of the pizzeria come from Vesuvio families that have grown in the same way for hundreds of years.
The small chain has since brought Naples pizza to cities in the United Kingdom – but the only Franco Manca restaurant in Italy is located on the remote island of Salina.

Explore the city
I stayed at the 4H Grand Hotel Vesuvio. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the Castel dell & Ovo and the main main street of Naples, full of restaurants and bars that run along the coast in the trendy Chiaia district.

Alamy The entire city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A nearby cable car takes you to the upper Naples to catch a glimpse of the romantic view over the harbor.
The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are three enormous castles, a royal palace and many nice shops and market stalls that sell everything Italian.
Wherever you wander, there are squares, cafes and outdoor seating where you can enjoy local southern pastries and drink an espresso of € 1 or Aperol Spritz. An adventure by candlelight in old tunnels
In the middle of the city center you will find an entrance to the underground tunnels of Napoli Sotterranea. Here you can descend 136 steps, 40 meters below the ground, to a fascinating world of Greek and Roman tunnels.
Getty – Contributor The descending of the underground tunnels of Napoli Sotterranea is an experience that you will not soon forget. Some of the corridors are claustrophobic one meter wide and seven feet high. Maybe you should walk sideways to fit.
To make this narrow part of the maze even more frightening, there are no lights. Visitors will receive candles to ease the one-piece search for the underbelly of Naples. And the reward? An impressive working aqueduct and a wishing well filled with gold medals.
It is an experience that you will not soon forget if you do not see how small some tunnels become. Nice trip to Capri
Beautiful and glamorous Capri is easy to reach with the regular ferries from Naples.
Features of the Rex Take a day trip to Capri if you want to see some extra sights. It is an easy day trip from Naples, allowing you to enjoy all that the island has to offer, and then take a late boat, avoiding the premium rates for a stay at the hotel. Capri hotels.
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There are plenty of day-tripper deals that include all major must-sees such as the Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele and Capri's highest point, Monte Solaro.
The price is about £ 100, which corresponds to the cost of a one night hotel stay here.
The city of Capri is small enough to see most of the sights in one day.
GO: NAPLESGETTING THERE: flights to Naples from Bristol, Liverpool, Stansted and Gatwick are from £ 27.20 per person one way. See easyjet.com.STAYING ER: A night room-only at the GrJET.COMand Hotel Vesuvio is based on two parts from £ 73.50pp. See vesuviosorrento.com.

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