Health and Psychology: From Interviews with Ex-Inmates and the Anatomy Room

Pharmacy, Psychology, Medicine: What is the study life like in these subjects? Three students talk about the most exciting seminars, problems and fellow students.

"Our professor does magic tricks"

Paul Vriesen, 19, Pharmacy

I study:
Pharmacy at the University of Bonn in the third semester.

The most exciting event:
In a course on pharmaceutical and
      Medical terminology was about the different classes of drugs and the effect
      of medicines. To loosen up the professor made magic tricks, let, for example, pills
      disappear in his hand.

I found that difficult:
To understand how an x-ray machine or
      If certain laboratory devices work, you have to master the basic principles of physics.
      Much is pretty abstract. The relation to the pharmacy helps me, however, to the substance anyway

The fellow students:
Most of them have training before
      made pharmaceutical-technical assistant. I am one of the few who come directly from the
      Come, and therefore belong to the youngest.

My advice:
Do not let yourself be confused by the warnings that you have next to
      has no social life anymore. Two to three days a week you are already eight
      to 18 clock in the university – but who feels like the subject and can organize, comes with it
      well clear.

"We interview dry alcoholics"

Paula van Spee, 25, Psychology

This text is from the ZEIT study guide 2018/19.

I study:psychology at the University of Bremen in the fourth semester.

The most exciting event: Occupy in the seminar on Social Psychology
      we are dealing with the question of how man behaves in society. At the end there is one
      Research work in which we interview people who are at social transitions.
      These may be prisoners released from jail or alcoholics using theirs
      Overcome addiction.

I found that difficult: To evaluate records and questionnaires needs
      man math. The statistics program SPSS helps you to do statistical tests
      perform. But you only get the right results if you know which formula the
      Computer for which record must use.

The fellow students: are helpful and friendly. Many have one before
      Training or another subject studied from a similar direction, such as

My advice: Before studying you should get a concrete picture of
      Doing psychology, for example by attending a lecture. That's just the beginning
      Studying very theoretically.

"I like the work in the anatomy room"

Anna Windisch, 19, medicine

I study: Medicine in the fourth semester at the Charité Berlin.

The most exciting event: the dissection course, in which one in small
      Dissected groups of corpses. I had to get used to it, with tweezers and scalpel in the
      Anatomy hall to stand. It smells very strict. But the course brings a lot: you learn how
      the organs lie in the stomach and nerves run in the tissue. No book and no description
      can give you that.

I found that difficult: Subjects such as biochemistry, physiology and anatomy have
      it's in itself, you have to learn a lot. Especially at the beginning it was difficult for me to decide where I was
      should start – and where stop. Only with time did I learn not to go into detail
      And I do not lose any of the learning strategies of others
      to let.

The fellow students: There are over 300 students in my semester. Have friends
      I found best in the small courses.

My advice: I did an internship at the hospital before I graduated
      I recommend that to everyone. This is how to find out if one is dealing with the patient on a daily basis