Hesse: Right police network apparently larger than previously known

  • Martina H. and Carsten M. are in Saxony-Anhalt in court, because they have hunted people and thrown stones and bottles.
  • In the evaluation of H.'s cell phone is a chat between her and a police officer.
  • Against the police officer from East Hesse is now being investigated because he should have given her police internal information.
  • Only recently, five suspected right-wing Hessian police officers were suspended.

The network of right-wing policemen in the Hessian police service is apparently larger than known. After the suspension of five Frankfurt police officers who had a right-wing chat and who are suspected of having published internal data from the police computer on a Turkish -born lawyer, now a case is known in which a policeman illegally issued internal data – and that even to an avowed member of a neo-Nazi association.

As the Southgerman newspaper was learned in this case against a police officer from East Hesse. He is accused of providing information to a friend of the violent neo-Nazi group "Aryans". This became known in a lawsuit against two Hessian "Aryans" members, who started on Thursday in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt.

Right-wing extremism in Hesse

Apparently more suspected cases in the police

Five Frankfurt police officers are accused of involvement in right-wing extremist activities. According to reports, more police could be involved. Hesse's Interior Minister is accused of having withheld information.By Constanze von Bullion, Berlin, and Susanne Höll, Frankfurt am Main

The "Aryans" are close to the nationwide organized violent Neo-Nazi coalition "Division Brown Wolves". The two defendants, 40-year-old Carsten M. and his girlfriend, 42-year-old Martina H., are accused of hounding defenseless people with stones and bottles in Halle on 1 May 2017 in Halle. Carsten M. is said to have hit two hikers on the head with a power cable and seriously injured them. Both Carsten M. and his girlfriend Martina H. wore black T-shirts bearing the word "Aryan" (Aryan) and the phrase "Support your race" on the back. (Support your race).

In the investigation against Martina H. also her cell phone was evaluated. In addition to Nazi propaganda and comments on the acts in Halle ("ticks bungled"), there is also a chat session in which she twice asks a Hessian police officer known to her to retrieve data from the internal police information system. The policeman complied with the request – so the state of the investigation. The exact information the police officer issued was not disclosed in Halle.

This process is reminiscent of the incidents surrounding the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. She had received a threatening letter last summer, signed "NSU 2.0". The lawyer represented the victims of a murder victim for five years in the NSU trial. It also defends in Islamist processes. In the threatening letter to her were personally personal data such as the name of her little daughter and her home address recorded – data, there are only in the registration office or in the police computer. The letter writer threatened to "slaughter" her two-year-old daughter. So it said in the letter: "Better piss off, as long as you come out alive here, you swine!"

Investigations in this case revealed that the lawyer's private information had been retrieved from the computer at a Frankfurt police station, although there was no need for it. The five suspected policemen apparently exchanged racist messages for weeks. They sent Hitler pictures and swastikas by computer. Against the four police officers and a colleague is being investigated for sedition. You are suspended from the service. Also against another policeman in Marburg are under investigation.

When right-wing violence becomes normal

A neo-Nazi beat hikers in Halle an der Saale and hoards Nazi devotional items and weapons. The prosecutor considers that for "typical everyday business" and wants to bring the case only in the district court. This restraint is not an isolated case.By Annette Ramelsberger


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