Hungary launches media campaign against Juncker and Soros | TIME ONLINE

Hungary's government has
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US billionaire George Soros promoting illegal immigration in a new media campaign
 accused. "You want the mandatory admission quota, the rights
weaken the member states for border defense; Immigration with
Facilitating immigrant visas, "wrote the Prime Minister
Viktor Orbán on Facebook.

Taxpayer funded campaign will soon also large posters with pictures of Soros' and
 Junckers show. They should wear the lettering: "You too have one
Right to know what Brussels is preparing. "

"Brussels wants to continue to support illegal immigration," said government spokesman Zoltán Kovács. "The Hungarians
 need to know about it, that's why it's the youngest
The information campaign has been launched, "he added
but not part of the election campaign for the European elections in May.

The EU Commission
was outraged. speaker
 Margaritis Schinas criticized the campaign as a "fake news" and called
she "unbelievable". "It's shocking that such a ridiculous
Conspiracy theory has become established to this extent, "he said.

Several EU lawsuits against Hungary are ongoing

The Hungarian government has built a barbed wire fence on the border with Serbia and Croatia and refuses to relieve other EU countries
To take in refugees. Orbán government
regularly undertakes similar campaigns against the EU and the
88-year-old Soros. The head of government has declared the Hungarian-born, Jewish investor a "public enemy" who allegedly promotes uncontrolled mass immigration. The
US billionaire supports with his money worldwide efforts, values ​​such as
 Freedom of expression, transparency and a responsible government too
promote. In many countries By now he became a major enemy of
right-wing extremists

The European Commission had Hungary
in the summer because of transit zones for
Asylum seeker before the European Court of Justice. Before that, the Commission had already been charged with two laws to finance
Non-governmental organizations and universities through funds from the
Foreign moved to the court. The latter was aimed
apparently based on the Soros-based Central European University (CEU)
in Budapest. The European Parliament had its turn in September
a criminal case against the government in Budapest for the violation
of fundamental rights
initiated. It can theoretically until the withdrawal of
To carry voting rights.


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