"I do not want a brutal police," says Castaner

The campaign promise of Emmanuel Macron, the daily security police (PSQ), which should bring law enforcement closer to the population in sensitive neighborhoods, must enter new areas. If the concept has already appeared in 15 districts of France under the auspices of former Interior Minister Gérard Collomb, his successor Christophe Castaner plans to deploy this year in 17 new districts, as revealed this Friday. The Parisian.

"I do not want a brutal police that provokes fear"

"I do not want a brutal police that inspires fear," said Christophe Castaner, while many people were injured by flash shots, especially during demonstrations of yellow vests.

The Minister of the Interior prefers "a police that inspires trust and respect", while according to Ifop less than half of the French (47%) trusted the police in 2015.

Patrols on foot or by mountain bike

For the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the establishment of the PSQ is part of "a desire to recapture Republican areas Gangrénés through delinquency and drug trafficking" by setting up a police near the inhabitants.

Christophe Castaner is of the opinion that the crisis of the yellow vests has not violated the philosophy of the newspaper's security police: "The PSQ is on public roads, it does not take care of the management of public order", says the Minister of Interior. "It's the pedestrian patrols, the contact brigades, the mountain bike units," he says. Parisien.

In 2019, the PSQ will be located in 17 new "districts of the Republican reconquest". The list was unveiled this Friday. The cities in question are: Maubeuge, Fosses and Louvres, Rouen, Dreux, Vernouillet, Aubervilliers, Saint-Denis, Grigny, Les Mureaux, Rennes, Tours, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, Joué-lès-Tours, L & # 39 Isle d Abeau, Villefontaine, La Verpilliere, Grenoble, Angouleme, Soyaux, Toulon, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Lunel-Mauguio.

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