"I promise not to approve any dollar for ICE," says Ocasio-Cortez in the immigration rally

Groups that protect the rights of immigrants and different democratic legislators today, urged Congress not to approve additional funds for the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE), the government agency responsible for the deportations of the country.

"I promise not to approve any dollar for ICE, an agency like this, that repeatedly violates human rights, does not deserve a penny," representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a press conference near the Capitol.

The Democrat for the 14th District of New York assured that the president, Donald Trump, who confirms that he supports migrants arriving legally in the country, does not like any form of immigration.

"It is a lie that Trump loves legal immigration, and since his arrival he has cut back and eliminated legal immigration programs, such as the visa lottery, family reunification, temporary protected status (TPS) and DACA (Delayed Action Program)," added Ocasio Cortez.

The representative of the Bronx and Queens was accompanied by other new congressmen, such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

Omar, who represents the fifth district of Minnesota, argued that the new Congress "looks beyond the policy and respects people".

The legislator stated that families who come to the southern border do so in search of a safer & # 39; future for their family.

"Even at the border and in the process of coming here, these families live in safer situations than in their own country, I understand their fear, pain and complications," said the first Somali legislator in Congress.

The groups United We Dream, CASA Maryland, indivisible, Move On and the Center for Popular Democracy organized this act under the slogan "Taking money from the deportation power".

The leaders of these associations today delivered more than 200,000 signatures with this petition to the representatives of the Congress.

The criticism of ICE has increased in the last year after the Trump government launched its controversial "zero tolerance" strategy against immigration at the border with Mexico in April, with authorities separating their parents from more than 3,000 minors, including babies. ; s.

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