"I would not have made this suggestion" | TIME ONLINE

Commander of US Middle East forces, Joseph Votel, suspends the withdrawal of US servicemen and women Syria premature, as the terrorist group IS has not yet been defeated. US President Donald Trump had announced in December to withdraw all 2,000 US troops from Syria because the IS was defeated there. The Pentagon and the US Senate warned the government against this move.

"I would not have made that proposal frankly," Votel told the TV station CNN, The caliphate of the Islamic State (IS) still has leaders, fighters, supporters, and resources. Therefore, it was necessary to maintain the military pressure against the network. So far, Votel had led the war against IS as chief of Central Command.

Votel: IS can continue to plan attacks on the US

"In order to declare IS defeated, it must be ensured that the terrorist organization does not have the ability to plan or control attacks on the US or its allies," Votel said. That is not the case: "They continue to have this very powerful ideology, so they can inspire."

The cited by the Kurds and by the United States Supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would still need help in the fight against the
IS. A few days ago they had an offensive on the last one
IS bastion started in Syria.

Trumps A surprising announcement not only caused criticism among the allies in the fight against the IS, but also in the US for lack of understanding. After Trump's decision, Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned and numerous US politicians criticized Trump's decision. Western allies and the Syrian Kurds were alarmed.

Trump has not yet submitted a timetable for the withdrawal of troops. Last week, he announced at a meeting of foreign ministers of the anti-IS coalition in Washington that he expected a complete reconquest of the once IS-held territory in Syria and Iraq in the near future. A corresponding statement from his government could possibly take place in the coming week.