"In Germany, IS people are released too quickly" | TIME ONLINE

In the dispute over the Middle East
imprisoned jihadists from the West plead Iraqi
Kurdish politician for a different approach. "Who with us
became the perpetrator, should be accused and sentenced with us ",
said the high PUK official Rawand Mulla Mahmoud Tagesspiegel,
"Among them are murderers, here many men,
Killed women and children. "Kurds from Syria, Iraq and
Turkey were in the fight against the "Islamic State"
(IS) especially determined.

The Social Democratic oriented PUK belongs in
Iraqi Kurdistan to the government and is also in Syria well connected.
"In the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq, after all, we have
the opportunity to make the process for these IS people, "says
Mahmoud. Traditionally, the PUK forms together with the conservative ones
PDK the internationally recognized regional government in
Iraqi-Kurdish Erbil. She relies on Peschmerga called
Militia, which includes Aramaeans and Yazidis.

Syrian Kurds plead for UN Special Tribunal

However, most jihadists from the West are currently sitting
not in Iraqi Kurdistan, but in the Rojava
Kurdish region in Syria detained. The reigning PYD asks the
Homeland of alleged IS people around them, the prisoners
to lose weight – including Germany. This is "extraordinary
difficult, "said Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD)
as the US and France, Germany recognizes Turkish pressure
towards Syria's Kurdish leadership. The Syrian Kurds called now
the United Nations, an international special tribunal
to set up for IS fighters.

"For the
Syrian Rojava may make sense. But we have good ones
Relations with Germany, "said PUK top man Mahmoud," and
could, for example, take action if those captured in Syria
IS people were also active with us in Iraq. "Actually
likely that numerous IS fighters in both countries in the
Use was: The former IS dominion included regions
In addition, the Iraqi Mosul was until 2016 as
one of the most important centers of the IS.

The Federal government leaves only a few German prisoners
Iraqi Kurdistan fly out. "But in Germany there is the
Danger, "said Mahmoud," that the IS people will return faster
are free as with us. "In the Kurdish Autonomieregion in
Iraq imposes the sentence "lifelong" to a higher penalty
itself as the punishments usually imposed in Germany.
While condemned IS members often executed in central Iraq
In the Kurdish Autonomous Region, an execution stop will apply.

The Kurdish areas are the most likely to function

Iraq and Syria are fragmented, as the most functioning
Regions apply there each the Kurds. The US government
unlike the federal government, it does not just support the Kurds in the
Iraq, but also in Syria. The PUK puts the vice-premier in
the Iraqi-Kurdish capital Erbil and is also in the
represented in Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad. Rawand Mulla
Mahmoud is deputy chief of the PUK in the oil city Kirkuk, to which himself
Baghdad and Erbil quarrel.

At the peak
In his power, the IS controlled an area almost Syrian
Aleppo until shortly before Kirkuk reached. Today still entrench themselves
a few hundred IS men in the Syrian-Iraqi border area. At the
On Friday, Kurdish fighters from the US support
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) there are the last civilians out
the place Baghouz escorted. However, Kurdish confirmed
Activists, what the US broadcaster CNN reported: Up to 1000 IS fighters,
possibly up to $ 200 million in cash
should hide in West Iraq. Try both there
the Iraqi army, as well as allied Shiite militias with it
as well as the Kurdish peshmerga, the jihadists to find.