In one third of the Russian region, cancer mortality has increased

In one third of the Russian region, cancer mortality has increased

More than a third of the Russian regions for the year 2017 increased cancer mortality, calculated in the ONF and the Health Foundation. In several other subjects, oncological diseases are only detected in the late stages in half of the cases

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

In 30 of the 85 regions in Russia, cancer deaths have increased during the year, monitoring of the All-Russian People & # 39; s Front and the Health Foundation (the results are in RBC) , in which experts have analyzed data from the Ministry of Health on the incidence and detectability of cancer in 2016-2017. The worst is cancer mortality in the Magadan region (7.7%), Dagestan (7.2%), Bashkiria (6.9%), Kalmykia (6.8%) and Sevastopol (6.5%).

The study shows that the decrease was 2.4% – from 198.9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in 2016 to 194.2 per 100 thousand in 2017.

The increase in mortality in some regions is explained by a multitude of factors, the director of the National Medical Research Center for Oncology named after Vitaliy Kuznetsov noted in a conversation with RBC. NN Petrova Alexei Belyaev. For example, the principle of specifying the cause of death may change if there is a complex of diseases among the deceased or if the accountability of cancer patients in the region needs to be improved, explained the expert. "Reducing mortality from cancer is a system of organizational measures, one can not wait for results in the short term, we have to create this system, train specialists, create criteria for the quality of its work at different stages, specialized medical institutions build and rest, "he concluded.

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