In the case of the rape of a girl-researcher in Ufa, new details have appeared

The lawyer of one of the presumed harsh rapes of Ufa's interrogator does not believe that his client has attacked a young girl. According to the lawyer, there were three women in the office of the Directorate of Internal Affairs on the night that a high-profile incident occurred.

"There were three women, which, in my opinion, precludes an attack: there are common corporate events everywhere, in every organization," said lawyer Aslyam Khalikov, who represents Eduard Matveyev's interests.

Defender urged to refrain from premature allegations against police officers. He insists on the presumption of innocence and offers to wait for the results of the designated exams, reports the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"From general information sources we see that there was a shared use of alcoholic beverages", the lawyer recalled, commenting on the course of the investigation to journalists.

The defense of the suspects is concerned about the reaction of the media and the public to a resonant incident within the walls of Ufa's ATC. The lawyer fears that the court, in imitation of the general outrage, can not decide in favor of his client.

"There are no questions to the researchers, I'm worried about the heat of the media, he can play a negative role, and it's about the court, which already gives 99.5% of the convictions," the lawyer concluded.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the criminal case is under way. In the dock, three high-ranking police officers, according to researchers, abused a young detective girl on the night of October 30th, who had been invited to a pleasant company in the office.

As it became known later, the men drank alcohol during the party. It all ended with hitting a girl and gang rape. The police are fired, the victim undergoes psychological help.