In the US, the Kalashnikov assault rifle was recognized as one of the best in the world.

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AK-74M proved itself perfectly in fightsPhoto: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

The Russian AK-74M assault rifle is one of the five best and most dangerous rifle weapons in the world. The rating was the American edition of The National Interest.

The Kalashnikov assault rifle of this change is in service with the Russian army. Weapons developed in the 70s of the last century, since then it has undergone a number of changes. The latest modernization of the AK-74M, as reported by Nation News, was carried out in 2015. This machine has proven itself in numerous combat conflicts in different climatic conditions. Besides the AK, the French FAMAS, the English assault rifle SA80A2 and the German HK416 also hit the top-5.

Earlier it became known that in Russia they started to sell canned meat under the brand "Kalashnikov." A well-known brand must contribute to improving the quality of the product, the broadcast TV channel 360.