Indivisible demo: 150,000 at Berlin rally against racism

Indivisible demo: 150,000 at Berlin rally against racism

In Berlin, a mass rally against racism began on Saturday afternoon. "It says loud, it says clearly, we are all indivisible", chanted the participants in front of the stage at Alexanderplatz. After a demonstration in the city there will be a closing rally with performances by musicians. Under the motto "For an open and free society – Solidarity instead of exclusion" the alliance "Inseparable" had
 called to the protest. He is directed against right-wing incitement,
Discrimination, refugee deaths in the Mediterranean and cuts
 in the social system.

At eleven o'clock, tens of thousands of demonstrators were already gathering on the streets of Alexanderplatz with banners.
Posters and balloons. Among other things was to read "No to Hittel
against Muslims "or" racism is not an alternative. "A huge banner read" Solidarity with the victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence. However, the serious messages were mixed with other voices such as "Calm, Brauner, Wendy readers inside against Nazis", "Bass instead of hate", "Unicorns against racists" or just the call written on a piece of cardboard: "Dear his".
The organizers had expected 40,000 people, in the early afternoon they already counted 150,000 protesters. When the demonstrators had already reached the Brandenburg Gate on their way, the last participants were still standing in the Alexanderplatz, which is about two kilometers away. "We are extremely satisfied with the response," said Felix Müller of the initiative "Indivisible". This confirms that many people wanted to set a sign against the law and for solidarity.
Concert in the evening The various groups had registered for the event. Among others, the Central Council of Muslims, Pro Asyl, the Alliance against deportation to Afghanistan, the Alliance for more hospital staff. Several organizations and parties were represented with their own cars, such as Attac, the Greens and the Left.

The train should
over Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column
to lead. Numerous organizations, associations and parties support
the call. Among them are celebrities like the actor Benno Fürmann,
 the television presenter Jan Böhmermann, the band Die Ärzte, the singer Christiane Rösinger. Herbert Grönemeyer also performs in the evening.
            Under the motto "We are more", rallies were planned for other cities in Germany today.

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