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When player advisors tricks and push, it's often considered clever. Now, in Italy, a woman has come forward for her kicking man – and everything is different.

Comment by Birgit Schönau

Does anyone remember Gaby Schuster? There were times when the wife of German midfielder Bernd Schuster was better known than her husband six years younger, in any case, Gaby was much more infamous. Trainers and officials at home and abroad feared her, because the trained beautician had taken over the management of her husband and proved in negotiations as stubborn and well prepared, in short: a huge nuisance for the masters of football, who tore their mouths , but to her biggest annoyance but did not pass her. Without Gaby Bernd would have hardly changed from 1. FC Köln to Barcelona and continue to Real and Atlético. Mrs. Schuster was a pioneer in her field, by the way, the marriage lasted longer than his career, namely a proud 31 years.

In Italy, a colleague of Gaby Schuster has now so excited the men of Inter Milan that the good old footballer moral, after the dirty laundry in the cabin is washed, has given way to an open declaration of war. The FC Internazionale against a blonde, 32-year-old Argentinean and mother of five children. Her name is Wanda Nara, she was first married to the professional Maxi López before she exchanged him for Mauro Icardi, six years younger, just like Bernd at Gaby.

The fact that one player spins the other woman is one of the worst crimes in the world of football, much, much worse than, for example, massive tax evasion. Icardi was cut by his colleagues, he also got no leg on the ground in the Argentine national team. It got even thicker when Wanda became his manager.

Taunts are part of the business model

She had previously worked as a model, now negotiating with the bosses of Inter, the Chinese club president and his Italian managers. For a few months, Wanda Icardi has been pushing for more money for her Mauro, who has delivered more than 100 goals at Inter since 2013. Twice he was League top scorer. But, says Wanda, 4.5 million euros net per year is clearly too little. Like her male counterparts, especially Italian Mino Raiola, who represents Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, she fantasized on social networks about what Mauro was worth to her, that many other clubs wanted him – and that the coach does not care much about Inter at Inter.

In the trained pizza maker Raiola such taunts are part of the business model. Polite modesty is for agents, whether in literature or football, not the most important soft skill. They rather earn their money with a healthy insolence. That's not the case with Wanda. But the inter-men felt so provoked by this cheeky woman that they went crazy. They called China, owned by Zhang Jindong, and convinced the patron that the rebellious blonde should be shown the yellow card. Mauro Icardi was promptly punished and publicly demoted: Since Tuesday he is no longer captain. Goalkeeper Samir Handanovic, a brave man with a good wife, deserves this honor. Stocksauer Icardi then refused to travel with the team for the European Cup game to Vienna, where Inter even without him won 1-0 against Rapid.

Wanda, the femme fatale of the Internazionale, is silent on all this. Their silence sounds alarmingly loud in the ears of the men. What is the evil woman doing now? Quite simply, she's waiting for Inter to urgently need Mauro's hits. It will not take long.

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