Intervention initiative: EU states strengthen military cooperation

Representatives of the new European military cooperation
 have met for a first meeting in Paris. The list
The threats in Europe are long, said French Defense Minister Florence Parly in her welcoming address. The alliance is an additional solution for defense and must be for
the partners offer a flexible framework.
Germany and a number of other EU states got up in June
informed the intervention initiative. She should be clear about one
closer cooperation of the General Staffs to enable a faster military response in crisis situations. An intervention force is not connected with it at first.
            A total of ten EU countries have joined forces in the military cooperation. To Germany,
France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal,
Estonia and Great Britain will now also participate in Finland.
It was a kind of timetable with political priorities
set. French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the intervention initiative last September.