Interview podcast: Rubin Ritter, are you still crying for luck?

"Sometimes I thought, wow, that's the coolest thing we do here, but sometimes I went to bed and thought, oh god, oh god, how is this going to be now?" Rubin Ritter says in the endless interview podcast. In the sixth episode of Everything said? The CEO of Zalando talks with ZEITmagazin editor-in-chief Christoph Amend and ZEIT-ONLINE editor-in-chief Jochen Wegner on the tenth anniversary of the billion-dollar success of his start-up, the famous return problem and the criticism of working conditions, why he ended miserably at the end of 20 at McKinsey Pensions countered and what happens in his company when in a package suddenly a turtle is infected.
            The 36-year-old knight speaks of his hippie childhood and why he wanted to become an entrepreneur as a teenager, but then did not dare to found himself. He reveals that the slogan "cry of happiness" would almost not have been published and how his girlfriend and he want to divide the parental leave in the coming year. In addition, Ritter tests Red Bull without sugar and explains why Germans shop differently than Italians.
And in the middle of our recording, a Zalando messenger rings at the door, which the entrepreneur did not know. The conversation ends Rubin Ritter after 3 hours and 34 minutes. That may be said in everything? namely only the guest.
        I do not know if we should comment on all the problems in the world ", says Zalando boss Rubin Ritter (center) in conversation with ZEIT-ONLINE editor-in-chief Jochen Wegner (left) and ZEITmagazin editor-in-chief Christoph Amend (left) right). "I do not always tweet my mind on any subject, I'm not the digital messiah."
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Chapter broadcast:
03:17 With an iron to investors meeting04: 37 Half a billion euros collected08: 34 36 years, shoe size 42, sometimes 43 8: 3414: 08 recruitment criterion: Ikea-desk build itself
16:12 With hippie parents in the converted factory hall21: 01 Business man out of conviction28: 00 Breakfast with Franzbrötchen aus Kiel29: 50 Abi with 1.0
35:00 Getting Started at Zalando36: 40 Unhappy at McKinsey: At Deadlock40: 40 The First Time Zalando: "We Did not Have a Pale Look" 41:40 The First 20 Million43: 45 From February to March: Turnover Decrease44: 48 Die Story of "Cry with Luck" 49:25 The Return Problem I
51:50 Founding myth
56:50 The first product: Flipflops59: 50 How Zalando Berlin rebuilds01: 02: 00 Suddenly a billionaire group01: 04: 00 Team Wallraff reveals bad working conditions01: 08: 40 "No one wants to see 300,000 products" 01:09:40 The return Problem II01: 14: 18 A turtle in a package
01:18:27 Small country customer: Who ordered in Europe how?
01:20:00 Women and Men01: 22: 00 Europe and the Consequences of Trump01: 33: 00 "No More Garage": How to Lead 15,000 Employees 01: 37: 45 The Released of Berlin01: 44: 00 Replacing Algorithms People ? 01: 51: 00 Are there any "Cozy Dads" really? 01: 53: 00 The Red Bull Test01: 58: 00 Small Geography II: Buying Bayern Different? 02: 01: 00 As the Zalando Messenger at the door our studio rang02: 12: 00 Ruby Knight's Mickey Mouse Pullover02: 33: 20 The Zero Women Quote02: 43: 00 The expectant father and his breakout02: 48: 00 The first name Rubin02: 51: 00 The Children's Bar Test02: 53:00 Our A or B Game02: 58: 00 How the CEO Trio Work Together 03: 08: 00 A Day in the Life of Rubin Ritter03: 13: 00 The Role of Rocket Internet at Zalando
03:16:00 Does Zalando destroy the cityscape?
03:23:00 Was Neckermann the analogue Zalando?
03:25:25 "What is a megatrend and what just nonsense?"
03:29:00 Zalando customers are getting younger and spending less
03:30:00 Red numbers
03:32:30 Good weather, bad weather
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