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Several officials of the Munich police have to be civil service and criminal investigations put. Police reported that five police officers were suspended from the service and eight others transferred to other departments.

Officials of the so-called support command (USK) of the Munich police should therefore have shared in social networks content, "which require a criminal or employment law assessment." Among them are two alleged anti-Semitic Youtube videos. In addition, it is about the use of a Tasers, so stun gun, against other colleagues during training, which contradicts the instructions.

In this context, four USK officials and a police officer of the police headquarters Upper Bavaria South have been suspended since the beginning of February from the service. Eight other officers of the Einsatzzuges and a SEK official were therefore removed for social media statements from their units and transferred.

In other investigations encountered chat history

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrä called the behavior of the police "completely unacceptable and damage the reputation". Bavaria's Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) assured a comprehensive education and demanded clear consequences. He spoke of an "unspeakable behavior" of individual policemen.

"We do not tolerate the Bavarian police in the private sector, for example, that over the Internet related content with right-wing extremist, xenophobic or anti-Semitic reference distributed," said Herrmann. "He who behaves this way has no place in the ranks of the police."

The investigators came in the wake of the officials in connection with another procedure for a possible sexual offense. This is associated with a private local visit by police officers. Here, the private mobile phone of a USK official was evaluated, where then noticed the chat histories.

In Hesse are currently running larger investigations on suspicion of right-wing extremist structures in the police. In one of the proceedings, six police officers are among others
Frankfurt am Main suspects, right-wing chat news
to have exchanged. A Frankfurt lawyer received two threatening letters signed with "NSU 2.0".


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