Is the Kettcar facing the end?

FFor millions of Germans the racetrainer Kettcar is an unforgettable piece of childhood: but now the manufacturer Kettler threatens the end. If it fails to ensure interim funding for the ailing company in the short term, the company will be terminated this Friday, the company told the German news agency on Tuesday. The approximately 720 employees would then be released.

Kettler had filed a bankruptcy petition in July. The goal was a reorientation with the help of a Luxembourg investor. The investor, however, threw up the towel when the Heinz Kettler Foundation was not ready to meet its requirements.

The company now has great hopes for an attempted moderation by the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, to which all parties involved, including the foundation, were invited in Düsseldorf. It is probably bridge financing, which would enable the company to conduct further discussions with potential investors.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Düsseldorf, the Heinz Kettler Foundation plays a key role here. In order to find a new investor at all and thus keep the company, an immediate decision by the Kettler Foundation on the amount of its contribution is absolutely necessary, according to the ministry.