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David Schalko is one of the most famous storytellers in Austria. In Germany he was mainly through his satirical television series "Braunschlag" and "Old Money" and his novel "Heavy bones"known. Now the 46-year-old has ventured on a classic and adapted Fritz Lang's classic "M – A city seeks a murderer" from 1931 as a TV series.

TIME ONLINE: Have you been asked in the course of production,
if you absolutely …

David Schalko: … did I absolutely go insane? That have
I often asked myself. I had huge respect for this adaptation,
but it was never about to compete with Fritz Lang athletically. That would
completely ridiculous. I found that this fascinating film work is very many
has political parallels to today, so I wanted to recompile it.
Also, our series is not a classic remake because it's completely new
was written. She uses many elements of the original, the plot,
the figures, quotes and pictures, but handle very freely with it.

TIME ONLINE: What was the special starting point for this for you?
Vienna today?

Schalko: I thought the fabric had one of the most brilliant production concepts ever, namely, to install no leading actor but the
Make the city itself the protagonist. In addition, I found it exciting, the
State today with that of 1931 to compare. Even if the
Mooring no longer takes place on the street, but in the social
Media, you have many moments of comparison.

TIME ONLINE: They represent the developments of populism in the
current Austrian politics. Where do you see the parallels?

Schalko: You can clearly feel a brutalization in Lang's film
society, a brutalization. I believe that we too are on a sort of eve, to what,
we do not know yet. What we know is that certain civil rights are in question
that the bourgeois consensus will be abandoned, that the
Society moves to the right, that there are fears, one
Efficiency fetishism, a hardcore performance society in which the
Competition against each other counts more than the common. All this brew in
Combination with a surveillance technology smells unspeakably. I would
Do not call it fascism, that's a much too old-fashioned word
for this.

TIME ONLINE: They cite some sayings from the series
Politicians, the most famous is that of the former
Federal presidential candidate Norbert Hofer: "You will be surprised
everything is possible. "They put it in the series the right-wing populist
Interior Minister in the mouth.

Schalko: It was important to me, the rhetoric right-populist
Politicians to expose. The elections in
Austria were not a misunderstanding, people wanted
that's right, they were not wrong. There is a need for such
Slogans and you have to wonder where that comes from.

TIME ONLINE: What do you think?

Schalko: It has to do with a certain depoliticization; you
trying to run a state like a company and the same recipes
to take over. A chancellor should be the strong man who has all the problems
solves. This managerial that mingles with ideology quite unspeakably
– there are many overlaps between rights and capitalism.
It is not about the common good, but about the individual performance, the others

TIME ONLINE: Who was your role model for the young, nameless one?
Minister of the Interior in the series?

Schalko: Many believe that it is an image of Sebastian Kurz,
but that is not true.

TIME ONLINE: He looks at least a bit like him.

Schalko: The figure corresponds to a certain politician type,
which is very successful worldwide. From Macron to Salvini. That's important, too
Figure-hugging. This radiates strength and sovereignty, while the spiritualized
Doubts and dirt are conveyed. There is also a kind of cultural struggle
behind it.

TIME ONLINE: The fictitious Minister of the Interior in your series uses the panic in view of the infanticide in Vienna to install more surveillance measures. In a
Scene passers-by are asked what they think about it, and they answer in unison:
"Something has to change."

Schalko: This is a persiflage on right-wing media and also one
Allusion to the election campaign of Sebastian Kurz, who with the slogan
"Change" had advertised. I believe a basic need in
our depressive society is: the main thing, something is happening.

TIME ONLINE: Does not contradict the other alleged
The basic need of many people that everything should remain as it used to be

Schalko: Not if with the change at the same time a big one
Adventure is suggested: the return to the time before 2000, where everything is better
was. Which is not true. It is never as good as it is now


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