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Good that Donald Trump exists. That's certainly not the opinion of this author. But
sometimes it seems like it comes in Europe It is quite fitting that the US President is the problem and its limited
Presence the solution. In a survey of the Pew Research Center, the polled Germans believed more in the
Russian President Vladimir Putin (35 percent) or the
Chinese President Xi Jinping (30 percent) than to Trump (10
Percent) when it comes to who is right in world politics
makes. And at the Munich Security Conference hardly a
Insurance added warmer than the previous one
US Vice President Joe Biden, talking about Trump, said: "Me
promise you, that too will be over. We will come back. "Much
Too much everyone insists that here is just a passing one
Anomaly the order of international relations
messed bring. But that's too comfortable: it will not work anymore

Angela Merkel has yes
Right when she said in Munich: "We have to fight for Europe,
we have to fight for multilateralism – against all who
believe they can do it alone. "And Trump it's so
one who does not have it with allies. There can be his vice president
once more to the assembled state and specialists (still too
few women) try to pretend America first name is
Not America alone – Above all, it means: the US is leaving
progress, their partners run after or stay behind. Of the
The kind of international cooperation that Merkel believes in has changed
the Trump government largely passed. Your national
Security strategy has long since entered a new era of rivalry
recognized by the great powers whose dangers they consider even higher than those
Terrorism. The current US President likes this
Competition occasionally act like a booby, but he takes it
part. Europe, on the other hand, trains but barely qualifies.

The USA, China and
Russia has made clear in Munich where they stand
, And also,
that they will make the fight largely among themselves, as long as
the Europeans are occupied with themselves. Pence preached
Partnership, where he meant allegiance. Yang Jiechi from the Politburo
The Communist Party of China praised the dialogue and the
international cooperation while the aggressive
China's promotion strategy speaks another language. And when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov talked about the value of international rules and trustful cooperation in Moscow, it is well known that hardly anyone would listen carefully.
China and Russia are interested in international order only if
she helps to assert her interests. The United States pull out of it
back and should not come back so soon.

"And we are sitting there"

And Europe's place?
Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is right when he considers its strengthening
"national core interest" means: "Germany and its
European partner – and here I close Britain
explicitly need Europe as a strong player and
not as an object of global politics, "he said in Munich
that is exactly what Europe is still too much. Angela Merkel has that with you
Look at the termination of the INF Treaty in her speech very clearly
made: "a contract that was basically found for Europe
a disarmament contract that affects our security "then
been quit by the US and Russia – "and we sit there
And of course, with our elementary interests, we will do everything
try to make further disarmament moves possible. "But
is Europe strong enough for that?

Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the security conference, campaigned in the hoody for Europe.
© [M] Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images

The Europeans have
basically recognized that they are either together in the competition
have to get in or sink in the competition of the big ones
become. And when Merkel says "Europe has opponents", then she means:
outside as inside. Trump's presidency is in this regard
not the trigger of an impending decline of the old order, rather
Symptom and amplifier at the same time. From Brexit to the Emerging
Illiberalism in Eastern Europe to the physical and psychological
Everything depends on Russia's attacks on the European project
everything together. If Trump ever goes, that will be the momentum
For now, only marginal changes, as long as the Europeans
Do not resolve conflicts and do not become a real power to the outside.

That likes with one
other US presidents go easier, the power of Europe
promoted and not weakens. But actually it depends
that Europeans can empower themselves, theirs
to give the potential weight the appropriate influence. The
The military will have to have its place, it will become even more so
It must be effective in all areas of foreign policy
Installing instruments and the political will to
really doing something together. This requires a great structural
Changes within the EU and a changed awareness of
European interests, yes, a culture more strategic
Autonomy, previously too weak and national horizons
is fragmented. Also thanks to the smoldering partnership crisis over
Europe has meanwhile taken this path across the Atlantic
– albeit with the usual inertia and threatened by inner
Cleavage. This has become clear again in Munich.

Maybe it is
So it's good that Donald Trump exists. Only nobody should
believe it could become more comfortable again without him. It will not
more like before.