Italy: Migrants from Riace have to move to refugee homes

Following the arrest of the mayor of Riace, the Italian Ministry of the Interior ordered that the migrants from the southern Italian village be placed in refugee shelters. The ministry said the move should begin next week.
             Riaces Mayor Domenico Lucano, who had become known across Europe through the successful integration of refugees, was arrested ten days ago and placed under house arrest.
            The prosecution investigates Lucano for aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Among other things, he is accused of having arranged marriages of marriage between residents of his village and migrants. In addition, he should have awarded the waste management in Riace without tendering to cooperatives of migrants.
            Lucano had made the 1800-inhabitant village in Calabria in recent years a model example of the integration of refugees. He took dozens of people from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Iraq, for example, and quartered them in empty houses in the village that was affected by emigration. The village school was reopened, shops and studios newly opened by refugees and villagers attracted tourists.
            Lucano was added to the list of the 50 most influential personalities by Fortune magazine in 2016. German director Wim Wenders made a film about him.
            Since the summer in Italy governs a government of the populist five-star movement and the far-right Lega. Above all, Vice-Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the Lega Party pursues a refugee hostile course. For example, it no longer allows aid vessels to enter Italian ports and wants to accommodate asylum seekers in larger refugee centers.
            In the case of Riace, Salvini apparently wants to prevent other Italian cities and villages from taking the model community as a model. Salvini had welcomed Lucano's arrest and criticized the "do-gooders" who "want to stuff Italy with immigrants."