Jeremy Corbyn unleashes new anti-Semitic outcry after suggesting that the EU only supports Israel because of the Holocaust & # 39;

JEREMY Corbyn got new outrage after a video about him suggesting that the EU only supported the state of Israel because of the Holocaust.
In an interview with the Kremlin-backed Russia Today network in 2012, the veteran said it was out of date to support Israel based on the idea that it is a safe haven for Jewish people.
AFP or licensers The Labor leader was asked by Russia TV why no EU country had recognized Palestine. He described it as "still a pretty important story in European politics", but said he was hopeful that the Irish EU Presidency – which rotates every six months – would be "Move things a bit".
The controversial remarks disproved Labor's harmful anti-Semitism rule and asked Mr Corbyn to explain the comments.
When asked by an RT reporter why there was no European nation to recognize the state of Palestine at the time, Corbyn said: "What is holding them back is a traditional recognition and support of Israel – since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. based on the fact that the Jewish people were disgusted, disgusted and horribly treated by the Nazi regime, by the Holocaust and it is a kind of good feeling that the state of Israel has been established to provide a safe haven for the Jewish people. offer.
"And that's still a pretty important story in European politics, but I'm hopeful that the Irish presidency of the European Union – and Ireland has a very strong and honorable mention in supporting the rights of Palestinians – and even of other people in the region – maybe they can move things a bit. "
Richard Angell called on Mr. Corbyn to "immediately apologize". His remarks provoked an angry reaction within the Labor movement.
Richard Angell, director of the center-left Labor group Progress, demanded that Mr Corbyn explain his remarks immediately and clarify whether he still believes that the "story" of Israel, which is a safe haven for Jews, needs to be updated.
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He shot: "These last, very offensive remarks from Corbyn once again show his contempt for the Jewish community.
"He must immediately apologize – not deny or redouble – and take the necessary actions to begin restoring the damage his leadership has caused to Labor's relationship with British Jews."