Jimmy Crute points out to the UFC boss Dana White

"We have no problems getting it [international fighters] here. When you fight in their hometown or in their countries of origin, we try to get as many people as we can.

"For most of these guys, it's very difficult to get into the UFC and it's even harder to stay here, if you have the opportunity to fight in your home country, or in your city, the let's give them.

UFC President Dana White.

UFC President Dana White.Credit:AP

"You're crazy, I flew from Las Vegas for this fight, I can not wait to fight."

Kelly's push for a last march failed, with the former Olympian eventually denied the chance to reach the octagon with his son by his side.

But the white man has no answer when he is asked about why.

"I have no idea, I wish I could answer this question for you, I have no idea," White said.

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