Joe Scarborough cautions & # 39; Rogue President & # 39; Spiraling in & # 39; Terminal Presidency & # 39; - HuffPost

While President Donald Trump struggles with administrative upheaval, a sharply declining stock market and the ongoing closure of the federal government, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has made a stark prediction of his tenure.

"It seems that this administration is terminal," he said in his broadcast on Christmas Eve. "This administration will not survive."

As the host of a panel to discuss the whirlwind news cycle of Washington, the cable president pointed to a recent Washington Post on the initiative of columnist Philip Rucker, who declared that Trump had been disrupted and that attempts to curb his behavior were useless.

In the main article, the retired four-year-old general Barry McCaffrey says: "This is a rogue presidency."

In line with McCaffrey's opinion, Scarborough asked the historian Jon Meacham where the land is from here.

"This one is a rogue president and the question is at this point, what in the world can Congress do, must Congress do? "he wondered.

While Meacham stressed that legislators have a responsibility to act, he added: "I also think it's all of us because far too often what we see in Washington is made possible by the fact that Washington is more often a mirror of who we are then it is a molder of who we are. & # 39;

He called on the public to burden the president heavily instead of looking the other way. Meacham said it was time for the citizens to recognize that things were changing, and not for good.

"There are still a remarkable number of Americans who are willing to give the President a good picture of these things that … shook the basic institutions in a, if not unknown, way in a frightening way."