John McDonnell is accused of not condemning the call of activists to shoot Theresa May & # 39;

Labor & # 39; s John McDonnell is accused of not condemning Theresa May's call to shoot himself & # 39; about Windrush scandal. Activist Weyman Bennett attacked the Prime Minister about the Windrush scandal. The Shadow Chancellor watched as Bennett said she had to shoot herself Tory MPs now have John McDonnell to apologize for not going inside

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18:58 EST, January 12, 2019

7:32 PM EST, January 12, 2019

Labor & # 39; s John McDonnell was accused last night of being the call of an activist to shoot Theresa May & # 39; not condemned about the Windrush scandal. The Shadow Chancellor saw calls to explain why he had not immediately denounced the insulting remark made during a demonstration in London. He was addressing. Mr. McDonnell stood in the wings when Weilman Bennett, the rebel of the Kom tot Racisme, attacked the Prime Minister about the Windrush scandal of migrants from the Commonwealth who had been unjustly deported. He said: & # 39; Our advice to her [the Prime Minister] is very, very simple advice: shoot yourself. And the reason why you should shoot yourself is because … we have seen people lose as a result of the Windrush scandal.

An activist called Theresa May to shoot herself & # 39; while Labor & # 39; s John McDonnell looked at & # 39; Who brought in the Windrush scandal? It was Theresa May. "The comment came days after Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn pleaded for a" safe space. " for political debate after Remain MP Anna Soubry was confronted with demonstrators outside the parliament and a & # 39; nazi & # 39; was named. It also came after Ms. May called on Mr. McDonnell to apologize for comments on lynching & # 39; from the former minister of pensions, Esther McVey, four years ago. He insisted that he did not recommend approval when he quoted a member of the public. Acting Harver, Harriet Harman, who last week called for new measures to protect members of parliament against abuse, reacted with horror at yesterday's remark. tweeted: & # 39; This is terrible. Freedom of political reason is essential in a democracy, but that entails personal responsibility not to contribute to the atmosphere of violence and threat to elected politicians. Tories demanded an apology from Mr. McDonnell, accusing him of the applause of Mr. Bennett's speech. Brandon Lewis said: "In a week in which we have seen politicians from all sides come together to condemn insulting behavior to politicians and journalists, to see the Shadow Chancellor applaud.

Furious Tories have called on the Shadow Chancellor to apologize for not having intervened. John McDonnell must apologize and condemn these words. & # 39; Tonight, a spokesperson for Mr. McDonnell said: & # 39; The Shadow Chancellor does not approve of this language. Before he became Shadow Chancellor, Mr. McDonnell raised indignation in 2014 for repeating a statement that Ms. McVey should be lynched. To the anger of Mrs. McVey and colleague Tories, he refused to apologize for the comment and insisted that he merely quote what someone else had said. He also stressed that he did not stir up violence against the Tory MP. Mr. McDonnell said: "I spoke at a full public meeting and there was a whole group of people in the audience who started, rather critical of the whole concept, because they" Why do we dismiss her, why do we lynchen the b * **** d not? " "McVey said that the comment made her life" difficult and dangerous "and claimed that it had led her Mr. Bennett – a member of the Socialist Workers Party – insisted the last night that he had the & # 39; 39; shoots himself & # 39; -advice & # 39; meant, he said he was from the Windrush generation Last mission in Brussels to save money The most prominent Eurocrats of Brussels tomorrow two letters publishing in a last attempt to help Theresa get her Brexit deal through the Commons The Sunday Mail Understands President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and EU President Donald Tusk will each send a separate letter to reassure parliamentarians about the controversial & # 39; backstop & # 39; measure that would allow the UK to hold EU rules unrestrictedly, but correspondence will probably lag far behind the demands of Tory Brexit rebels who want the Prime Minister reopened talks with the EU to remove the relapse of the terms of its withdrawal agreement.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU President Donald Tusk each send a separate letter to reassure parliamentarians about the controversial & # 39; backstop & # 39; Brussels sources say the letter from Juncker will promise & # 39; trade negotiations between EU and UK & # 39; to speed up to try to avoid the & # 39; backstop & # 39; ever activated. He will launch a process for a new trade agreement to be concluded as soon as possible, but it is unlikely that he will include a date for the start of discussions. Meanwhile, Mr Tusk will be determined by the 27 other EU countries to have a new relationship with Britain towards the end of 2020 to prevent the measure from happening. He adds that if the deal is not ready at that time, all European states will work to sign the 2021 appearance, which means that the United Kingdom would have to overshadow the EU trade and customs regulations for only an extra year. Last night insiders from Downing Street said they expected the letters to be published Monday night for maximum impact on Tuesday's Commons. Even with a stream of Tory MPs rising from their opposition to Ms. May's deal, she is on the way to a defeat of historic proportions. After three full days of debate, Ms. May's allies are stuck in front of a pounding defeat, with efforts to keep track of the numbers & # 39; under the three-digit & # 39; .May May will probably be MPs and let the audience speak late on Tuesday evening or early on Wednesday, with Ministers expecting them to announce another trip to Brussels to try to get more concessions from the EU. Officials in Brussels, Dublin and London are all acutely aware & # 39; that the backstop is the last major bottleneck in a deal being made, with the expectation that the Irish government will be under increasing pressure to mitigate their objections to the watered down measure. But last night the sources in Brussels said in response to the likely defeat, the focus would initially be on a rewriting of the non-legally binding political statement setting out the hope of the EU and the UK for future trade arrangements rather than reopening the treaty on the withdrawal agreement regarding the conditions for divorce. Foreign Office war games No Deal Theresa May's own diplomats have condemned the chance to sign a deal with Brussels and plans to postpone the Brexit – and the chaos of No Deal. With Ms. May facing defeat in the Commons, senior Foreign Office Last week, officials held a number of meetings to discuss their political strategy & # 39; wargame & # 39; According to a detailed report of the meetings, the Prime Minister's own diplomats held their heads & # 39; when they explained the likely course of events. The government now concluded in full crisis mode & # 39; and the officials decided: a & # 39; No Deal & # 39; is now the & # 39; standard planning mode & # 39; it is now considered in Whitehall as & # 39; very likely & # 39; that we will still be in the EU after the presumed Brexit day of March 29, with an extension of Article 50 now the most likely outcome: up to 20 percent of foreign personnel – 2,800 out of 14,000 – are removed from the front line and transferred to the Brexit tasks; All & # 39; proactive & # 39; Policy making & # 39; is put on hold. The source painted an extraordinary picture of a government that is paralyzed by the political drama that takes place in the Commons. & # 39; There were many heads around the tables – gallows humor prevailed, & # 39; said the source. & # 39; The situation was described by a very senior official as an amateur hour with calling. & # 39; The source added: & # 39; The government is now effective in crisis mode. With a maximum of one fifth of FCO employees relieved of front-line work, dropping the main priorities means that some departments incur greater personnel damage. & # 39; There is no clarity about what the policy is, but No Deal is now the default planning assumption. The assumption on the second level is that the Brexit will not take place on 29 March. But in reality no one has any idea what to do or what to expect if the deal is rejected. & # 39; All proactive policy-making has been suspended, such as Progress against such uncertainty is seen as impossible. & # 39; The officials of Education, Justice and Welfare have also been asked to take on a new position within a few weeks. The secondments are expected to last at least six months. Jonathan Slater, permanent secretary at the education department, told the staff that it was important to ensure that the main services continue to work, but that other areas of the department were likely to be shut down.

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