Julie Chen Moonves returns to & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; as Anthony Scaramucci does

Julie Chen is back for another edition of Celebrity Big BrotheFor the first time since further allegations were made to her husband, former CBS CEO Leslie Moonves.

The host Julie Chen Moonves greets guests: L-R: Anthony Scramucci, Ricky Williams, Dina Lohan, Jonathan Bennett, Kandi Burruss and Joey Lawrence.

Monty Brinton / CBS

"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves Big Brother Celebrities two-night event, "he said quietly, five days after the network held a town hall during which the employees wanted to make sure that her husband did not see a dime of the $ 120M settlement he thought he had, among other things. questions.

In December, CBS's board of directors stated that Les Moonves would not receive any of that liquidation after the network completed investigations on the former president and CEO, CBS News, and on cultural issues at CBS. The decision seemed almost inevitable, given the revelations from a draft of an internal report that revealed that it had destroyed evidence and misled investigators in an effort to protect its reputation and its payment. In that preliminary report, the investigators claimed to have motivated numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and to have discovered previously unpublished allegations of wrongdoing.

In another Big Brother Celebrities news, Anthony Scaramucci made his TV debut not in the white house.

He presented himself as a business man and entrepreneur who was fired as director of the White House after only 10 days "for using cursed words".

It was too modest. Scaramucci has made the history of the White House in an interview with New Yorker he insists that he thought he was out of the register, conducted shortly after entering the administration.

In the interview, Scaramucci said that the head of the White House staff, Reince Priebus, "is a lousy schizophrenic paranoid", and that what you want to accomplish first in the White House is "fuck to kill all the escapes and I want follow the President's diary on the track so we can succeed for the American people. "Yet, he added, he does not crave attention, explaining," I'm not Steve Bannon, I'm not trying to suck my ckk. "

Do yours Big Brother Celebrities Debamucci said that he still talks with Trump – once or twice a month, and usually makes the call.

"I have not met a person who does not think I'm crazy about it Big Brother home, "said Scaramucci, so apparently he did not discuss it with the previous one L & # 39; apprenticed Trump star.

"It will last longer than my time in the White House, God willing," said Scaramucci, optimistically.

"I started my first day at the White House with a chainsaw and a hockey mask," explained Scaramucci in the CBB a bit of openness where competitors allow viewers to know them. "I left a big mark there and I expect to leave an important mark on Big Brother even at home. "

That was the last time in the season debut of an hour that Scaramucci did not look like a deer captured by the headlights after making a terrible career move.