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US actor Jussie Smollett has now become the defendant in the case of an alleged racist and homophobic attack on him. The star of the series Empire was accused of a criminal offense in connection with the reimbursement of a false report, said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. For this Smollett could get a prison sentence of one to three years. He may also have to pay the costs of the investigation into the alleged attack.

Smollett has "abused the pain and anger associated with racism to advance his career," said Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson. Presumably he had also sent a previously addressed to him threatening letter itself. "Smollett staged this stunt because he was dissatisfied with his salary," Johnson said. The actor paid $ 3,500 to two brothers for playing the attack. The check is present as evidence.

The lawyer of the brothers, Gloria Schmidt, said that Smollett had them
Given money. "There was a point where the story is told
had to, and they pulled themselves together and said we will
correct. "Smollett's lawyers announced to defend him" aggressively "and start his own investigation.On Thursday, the actor had, according to the Chicago Suntimes put to the authorities. Smollett is to be brought to a security court in Chicago, until then he remains in custody.

The actor had claimed that he had been attacked by two masked men on the way home at two o'clock on the morning of January 29th. They beat him up, called him racist and homophobic, tied a noose around his neck and showered him with bleach. They are said to have shouted for Smollett's presentation: "This is Maga Land" – an allusion to the slogan "Make America Great Again" by US President Donald Trump.

In their investigation, however, the police had no evidence to find, the occupied events, said the police spokesman. So no recordings were found, although the city of Chicago, where the attack is said to have been one of the places with the world's highest density of surveillance cameras. The investigators finally questioned two suspects whose statements gave the investigation a new direction, Guglielmi continued. The police wanted to question Smollett once more.

Trump criticized Smollett on Twitter and wrote that the actor had insulted many millions of people with his "racist and dangerous" remarks.


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