Justice investigates anti-Semitic attacks on yellow-voted protests | TIME ONLINE

Protests of the yellow vests in Paris the Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut has been verbally abused and threatened. As the
Jewish General reported several called
Demonstration participants Finkielkraut slogans like "You filthy
Zionist! "," France belongs to us! "," Dirty race "and
"The people will punish you!" to. Also fell
pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel statements.
Security forces finally had to get between Finkielkraut
and the protesters hired.

The Paris prosecutor's office headed for its own
 Preliminary information about the incident. They support
 based on a paragraph that based public insults
prohibited by origin, ethnicity or religion. Finkielkraut
said in an interview after the incident that he was very afraid
have the demonstrators. According to him, "it comes regularly
anti-Semitic incidents "in the yellow-voted protests.

At the
Saturday were all over France around 41,500 people on the street
gone – about 5,000 of them in Paris. Different
as in earlier protest marches marked by violence,
it remained mostly peaceful in Paris. Indeed
it came in Bordeaux
and Toulouse too
Clashes between protesters and the police.

french president Emmanuel Macron condemned the
anti-Semitic incident on finch. "The anti-Semitic
Insults to which he was exposed are the absolute negation
of who we are and what makes us a great nation. We
they will not tolerate, "tweeted Macron, President
recalled that the Finkielkraut born in Paris from a
Polish immigrant family. Finkielkraut is also a member
in the traditional Académie française.

Increase in anti-Semitic acts in France

recently, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner
communicated an increase of anti-Semitic incidents. Accordingly gave
2018 541 anti-Semitic acts – that is 74 percent more than in
2017. Castaner said that anti-Semitism is "like a poison"
spreading. Castaner also mentioned recent incidents: That's how it became
Showcase of a business in the center of Paris with the word
"Jew" smeared and a street artwork with a portrait
the late former minister and Holocaust survivor
Simone Veil painted over with a swastika.

Jewish Federation of France (Crif) said that the hate
was deeply rooted in French society.
The payment
only partially reflected "everyday anti-Semitism"
which many parishioners face, said
Crif President Francis Caliphate. According to him, there must be a jerk
to give society.

According to government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, for the
Increasing anti-Semitism will also be responsible for the yellow vests.
On the sidelines of their rallies often appeared "absolutely unacceptable
anti-Semitic graffiti, "he said, as well as President
Macron, who used to work as an investment banker at Rothschild,
is subject to anti-Semitic abuse. So he will be in
Graffiti known as "Jew whore".