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The Kansas Jayhawks football team beat the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team Saturday in Lawrence, 55-14. The KU routing was the first time the program doubled 50 points in a game since 2010 and the first time it won a second game in a row against a FBS team (after losing central Michigan last weekend) since 2009.

Time will tell if this was something more important than Rutgers as a particularly kind of awful. It probably was not. But the Jayhawks looked really impressive in powdering their sad Big Ten enemies, who overwhelmed all the games. The Jayhawks held the ball for 34 out of 60 minutes and acquired their visitors with 544-274 (7.5 to 4.3 per game).

Rutgers made six sales, two of which were immediately returned for touchdowns. The game also contained some moments that are typical of a battle between national powers:

And everyone had a nice time, except Rutgers.

KU 55, RU 14

The last time that Kansas scored 50-plus points against an FBS-opponent was against Colorado on November 6, 2010. That was the week of the first interim elections of the Obama administration. That was also three Jayhawk head trainers ago.

KU 55, RU 14

The Jayhawks have back-ups of backups in the game and they have it hung 55 points on someone. Are they … pretty decent? They may not be that bad!

This is all so very disorienting.

What a day.

KU 41, RU 14

Rutgers weathered and Kansas got a field goal.

Rutgers has a gentlemanly six turnover on insult.

KU 38, RU 14

After Artur Sitkowski threw his third interception of the day, Kansas drove only 25 yards to re-score. The rout is underway in Lawrence, but this was a step forward for Rutgers, because this particular interception was at least not reached returned for a touchdown.

KU 31, RU 14

Kansas kicked. Rutgers has the ball at his 7 and needs some touchdowns.

KU 31, RU 14

The Jayhawks were kicked off to start the half and went from their own 25. They are 30 minutes away from their first back-to-back wins against FBS teams since 2009.

Kansas is good. Dogs and cats live together in harmony.

The Jayhawks are an average of 7.4 yards per game to Rutgers & 4.1; The Scarlet Knights coughed four sales, including two interception returns for TDs. Yeesh.

KU 31, RU 14

Lol Kansas scored again. A 59 yard TD run by Khalil Herbert.

KU 24, RU 14

Rutgers has scored on a nine-play, 86-yard drive.

KU 24, RU 7

The defense of Rutgers has stopped. The Scarlet Knights will do their utmost to not commit their fifth turnover of half on this property.

KU 24, RU 7

Kansas has his second selection six of the game. Mike Lee intercepted Artur Sitkowski and ran 31 meters for a landing. Rutgers is NSFW.

KU 17, RU 7

Rutgers has just blocked another field goal in Kansas.

KU 17, RU 7

Rutgers lost an awkward attempt, his third quarterly sales, and Kansas is likely to score again.

KU 17, RU 7

Touchdown, Jayhawks. Miles Kendrick threw a relaxed 6-year-old to Jeremiah Booker. KU & # 39; s an average of 6.6 yards per game for Rutgers & # 39; 0.6.

KU 10, RU 7


The 36-yard field goal attempt by Gabriel Rui after an awkward recovery by Jayhawk was thrown back by Deonte Roberts, who picked it up and advanced 64 yards for a landing.

The number of non-aggressive touchdowns in this game: two.

The number of offensive touchdowns in this game: zero.

KU 10, RU 0


KU 10, RU 0


Rutgers quarterback Artur Sitkowski threw the ball to wide open Kansas DB Bryce Torneden, who made a home visit 39 meters away.

It can be the day of Jayhawks.

KU 3, RU 0

Field goal, Jayhawks! A cunning 49-year-old by Gabriel Rui was pure.

RU 0, KU O

Rutgers went three-and-out and kicked.

RU 0, KU O

Rutgers fair-caught the kickoff and starts at Kansas & # 39; 25.

Kansas is a five-time national champion *, and Rutgers literally invented the football game.

(in basketball) *

The buzz around this matchup is not so much the game itself, but the individual performance of these two teams in recent years. Let's roll through some highlights, shall we?

First, they have combined combined records of 32-86 over the past five seasons. That is about 27 games removed from .500, so not too far away, people. A baseball team could make up for that difference in a month, so it will be interesting to see if the Scarlet Knights and Jayhawks can do mid-October. Give them time.

Their average S & P + ranking for the past five years is 111th for five-time national champion Kansas and 99th for ex-2006 No. 7 Rutgers, who invented football. There are about a thousand university teams that we know in the universe, and these are two of the 111 best.

like you goods wondering why these messages exist, that's why.